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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Sounder photo was the edge of the main river bed out from the dam wall . Just west of the creek valley that heads south after the same. Just on dark. Half an hour prior, there was only bait here at about 20 - 30 feet, no fish.

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Thanks Jim,

    Attached are the latest lures deleted from my post above.

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Latest Mars lures but which length? I'll chuck both I spose. Very B52ish.

    When I asked Brad down at the boatshed the other day if he was getting any more of these in he replied "I dunno, I haven't seen the man from mars for a while." He realised what he had said instantly and we both roared laughing at it for a while. Had to be there I spose.

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