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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Again many thanks hardb8

    The Bills bug appears to come in the Fuzz Bug (long skinny 75mm,100mm) and the Mice Bug (shorter fatter 40,50,75mm)

    What's ya poison there? I'd hazard a guess at the Fuzz Bug in the 100mm. maybe in the darkest colour if your using them for fizzing at night time? Or can you use fizzers in the daytime up there? That'd be something different to my dawn and dusk bass fizzing experience.

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Quote Originally Posted by themooks
    HI phoned the kiosk at the lake and asked which model of both the Vipers and Sandvipers were more popular, the three hook model or the two hook model. According to the lady she said everybody uses the two hook model up there.

    Probably coz she only sells the 2 hook models....

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Quote Originally Posted by themooks
    That's a wicked shot there Matt. #As I was first scrolling down onto it I thought it was some kind of gynaecological nightmare though!

    I am also looking to take up some plastics and am a fan of that drop bear colour for the big flatties. #I have never used the slick rigs though as I like to swap the colours and brands over regularly. #Is the advantage to them that they are balanced better with the weight in the guts of them?
    there's quite a few things I like about the slick rigs...

    Strong hooks - a must for barra
    Hard Wearing - because the SP is a designed fit for the jighead. Also one of the few SP's where you can catch multiple fish on the same lure. I've found other SP's often tear or deform around the jighead\hook on a strike and once that happens they need to be replaced because they don't swim right. (just talking barra of course, obviously anything with teeth is going to damage them as much any other SP)
    Cheap - being hard wearing and reuseable I find I'm not using as many. I still haven't opened the spare packet of tails I purchased (reuseable because your not damaging them threading on a jighead )
    Easy - I don't have to worry about lining up the jighead with the body or matching jighead weights so it swims properly. I just tie it on and start fishing, it's pretty much the SP for dummies....

    Even though they come with a standard weight, I sometimes change things around a bit using 80mm Slick Rig weights in 110mm Slick rig bodies or even resin head jigheads.

    Oh yeah and lastly, they catch fish.
    I'm a bit of a bower bird when it comes to SP's and have literally hundreds of them (2 tackle bags full actually), but I keep going back to the squidgies. As mentioned earlier, I'm a big fan of any SP with a big paddle tail and the squidgies just seem to have "it" when it comes to barra.....

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Classics in the 12+ and 15+ as one of your trolling lures seems to attract them in a lure Smaller lure flashy multi colour in close to boat seems to then get the majority of big strikes. Landed four over a metre a couple of weeks ago. Vipers in gold and silver in the 150 or crazy deep in 3.5 for third lure. Saw metre plus fish caught on them all.
    The secret is the smaller lure in the middle with 4x owner. Type of lure u will have to work out for yourself as have given u all the others. Gold and Silver seems preferred but bright lime green and multi colours (Elton John) all have accounted for the big ones.
    The little lure got four out of the five metre plus and lost about six big ones on this setup. Yes 50 fins braid brand new with 80lb penn 10x leaders. Upgrade split rings and hooks to the Owner 4x or VMC 6X
    Good Luck Trev
    Fish for the future, enjoy the present but think of your children.

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Does anybody know much about the JW Nitro Express I have heard about? I can't find any reference to it when I google it. Who is the company that distributes them etc?

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Hi Mark,
    # # # # # #Don't ever be worried about asking questions as knowledge is power.And I hope thats what Ausfish is about,Fishos sharing knowledge.The model of the Bug I think is the mouse,Slimmer at the front and fatter at the rear,Prop front and back,75mm,Black with silver glitter (Night time) A mate done well on a Reidys Propa Popa,Same style lure in green and yellow at night.Some of the Bills Bugs are huge,About 200+mm long in the bigger models,And after sticking my hand,A bit of my forearm,A small torch and a Leatherman in the gob of a 109 to get a deep lure out I'm not surprised their makin em this big.As some monsters to 130 have been reported,Hence the brown undies,A fish that size on a top water at night and I'd be proud if I only $hit meself.Probably have a heart attack.I only comment on lures I've used or seen perform next to me.But the pereviously mentioned in law also spoke of the Nitro Express as did local ranger Mr Gary Wode.He's lost count of his meter+ fish and is in my eyes an authority on the matter.Very nice and very hummble man indeed.Sorry mate dunno where ya can get em,But I'm sure somebody reading will know.

    Mak 579,That is a top shot!Great fish,Happy angler,The grin says it all # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #Congrats on the photo and the fish.hardb8

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Hi all

    And dont forget B52s and there big bros Big B52s, kingdoms etc etc. if you are up in october casting will possibly be a little more productive that trolling but will really depend on the sort of winter we have, namly long or short but by the temps at the moment it could actually be a winter this year.


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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    If fishing night time, get a sandviper in the black colur with silver scale pattern, works for me.


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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    We find it isn't so much as the lure, but putting it where the fish are. If you have some time use your sounder to sound out likely areas. We have no preference to lure and catch them equally on storms, crazy deeps, bombers and sps.
    Good luck. Jim

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    It's funny how many times I hear that about the colour of the lure not really mattering that much. I think to a certain extent it is true, indeed if the fish are really hungry. I have watched that bloody Malcolm Douglas catch fish on bits of rags and the lid of a milo tin! Of course that was up in the top end where if you lower your big toe in the water it comes out with a barra attached to the end of it.

    I have also myself put in millions of casts in one summer on one particular creek here on the Gold Coast with my fishing buddy for jacks and we found if it wasn't pink it didn't get a look in. We chucked our entire tackle box at the creek and fished with confidence using exactly the same methods and placement and it just had to be pink.

    I am not going up there with any false notions in my head of knowing it all or even expecting a fish. I will be using all the tools I have at my disposal. The next thing I will be researching is depths and drop offs. That screen shot is great! 55 feet of water hey? When they say look for drop offs is that slight angle I can on the bottom there from just over 48 feet down to 55 considered a drop off as such?

    Thanks again

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    or is that the 40 foot line I am misreading as 48

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Sounds like you will have it all down pat by october Mooks!!
    We should have some fun, I look forward to it.

    Regards, Tony

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    mak579,what an unreal photo ,cheers mick.

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Now you've bloody jinxed me Tony! Well at least that will be my excuse if I don't turn a reel anyway.

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Hey John (barradise)

    How about these buggers? I thought when you told me they were called Intruder Intruder that you had accidentally typed it twice but no! According to the packaging they are exactly that! Hanging on the same hook as the nitros.

    The Halcos/RMGs I've ordered should arrive this week sometime.

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