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    Awoonga lures so far

    Hey guys,

    Attached is the collection of Awoonga lures I have purchased so far. #They are all the Predatek Sandvipers. #I have all the colours I want so far except for the Metallix Chrome model.

    I am now after the same colours in the Viper models. #Here's a quick question though. #I phoned the kiosk at the lake and asked which model of both the Vipers and Sandvipers were more popular, the three hook model or the two hook model. #According to the lady she said everybody uses the two hook model up there. #I found out there were two different models when perusing a catalogue at a tackle shop. #When I got home today though and went to the predatek website it looks like the two hook model has two massive VMC trebles but also a luminous bib, the redhead having a red bib.

    Any thoughts on the two hook versus the three hook and the luminous bibs?

    Thanks in advance to any of the Awoonga gurus for any help.


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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    G'day Mark.

    The Viper Model with the 2 Treb's is the V150X Viper Xtra (Heavy Duty). I cant understand why alot of fisho's would choose the large 2 rather then the medium 3 size hooks . With nearly every lure, the middle treble hardly does jack all, with most of the fish hanging onto to the end hooks. The middle one is barely there just to add that extra hold. The tripple hook Vipers have always worked well, cant say ive used a double hooker yet .

    I cant say that the luminous bibs do alot for me, but if i really wanted id stick to a plain lumo bib rather then a reddy, largely because the red bibers wouldnt work nearly aswell because of the red being a shade more difficult to see underwater. At the end of the day i cant see much diff in using one or the other...


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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Hi Mark,
    The Sandviper and Viper in twin or treble hook pattern are both very good lures for troll or casting.
    The two hook version swims with slightly more action but it's a debatable subject as to which pattern works best on any given day or personal fishing technique.
    I've captured plenty of barra on both hook patterns and don't have any preference when it comes to these lures other than to say that the twin hook is slightly more responsive for casting.
    The floro bib has little if any effect after dark from what I've seen, it's more in the sonic rattles.
    Don't pack only Vipers when visiting Lake Awoonga, also take Classic's, Scorpions, Laser Pro, B52, Bomber Long A and Chaos in similar colour to what you posted. Also pack some barra blue and lime green over yellow to your kit.

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    All you have to do now is change the Split rings and Trebbles to OWNER and u will be half a chance, have a ball Cheers #Whitto

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    you wouldnt believe it, but the only successful trip for me, was when we caught 3 out of our 4 barra on a unknown lure found in a tree on the southern side of the dam i was going to throw it away (it looked that bad) until my mate said he would give it a go just shows if the lure gets in front of their face when they are hungry, it will get belted. the other lure was a lively lure mad mullet. also lost a fish on a crazy deep scorpion 150.

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Hi Mark,
    # # # # # #I'm hardly a guru but I've caught a few.Don't go there without a couple of Rob Gadens' Classic Barra Pros.The Pros are a bit harder to locate but have a wider body than the standard Classics.The pros will displace more water and make the lure feel bigger to the fish through her lateral line than it really is.At this time of year I'd also recommend the Halco Scorpions,Crazy deep 125s or 150s,The later is available at the kiosk for pretty good prices in a range of colours.As mentioned upgrade ya hooks and rings,Hooks to VMCs 6X strong or Owners ST66 (I think)With ya rings go 6H or Halco 4XX,Halco also make some bomb #proof snaps,The smaller size 3 are rated to about 50 to 60 lb not to sure exactly from memory,But they are tiny reducing visible terminals to the fish,And freakishly strong for their size,If ya in doubt they make bigger models but trust me the 3s will hold,I bent 6X hooks and the snaps remained perfect.Good luck and don't forget ya brown undies.

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    # # # # #

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    nice barra

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Hey Zahly,

    I have always been a fan of the lively lures in the little sizes for flatties! I might grab a couple of the large sizes for barra.

    What colour was the crazy deep scorpion you lost a fish on?

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Thanks for that hardb8.

    Although I have heard that snaps are a no no I have also heard that there are some bullet proof ones that I might give a try. I'll jot those numbers down.

    I am not actually going at this time of year, it's not until October. I know, its a long way out but the planning is keeping my mundane job bareable. Do you only troll the crazy deep halcos? If so will I need to buy the same colours in the shallower models for casting into the snags?

    I have the MO tackle catalogue in front of me and they have the classic barra pros by Mr Gaden. Any particular colour in those that ya like?

    Oh yeah. Barradise posted a heap of suggestions that I am going to get as well but I have never heard of one of them. What is a Chaos?


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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Don't forget the SP's guys,

    I like ones with a big T tail that has a lot of movement like the squidgy slick rigs. Easy to use, strong hooks and the barra just love 'em!!


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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    That's a wicked shot there Matt. As I was first scrolling down onto it I thought it was some kind of gynaecological nightmare though!

    I am also looking to take up some plastics and am a fan of that drop bear colour for the big flatties. I have never used the slick rigs though as I like to swap the colours and brands over regularly. Is the advantage to them that they are balanced better with the weight in the guts of them?

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    themooks the crazy deep was in the color- R26 Golden Green.

    i really like the mad mullets, as they also cast like a bullet, so they are a versatile lure, that can be used trolling and casting.

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Hi Mark,
    # # # # # #Don't know of a lure by the name of Chaos,But because you or I haven't heard of them doesn't mean there no good.Could be worth a cast.I've also been told about snaps,Tie ya lure on if in doubt,Confidence is everything!But if ya changing lures regularly snaps are great,There fast,Efficient and are improving in strenght all the time.If ya regularly changin lures and tying them on it dosen't take long before ya need to tie on a new leader as the accociated loop knots can use up a bit of line.I used the Crazy deeps for trolling only.Effective Crazy deep colour patterns for me were :- King Brown it's got a dark gold back with a bright gold side and belly with a few black spots on the side.And I think it's called Bleeding Mullet :- Black back with red vertical bars,Chrome sides and a bit of yellow on the belly.The Classic Pros were :- Gold mullet dazzler and Elton John,These were both great at day and night,Casting and trolling.The first colour for me in chosing any lure for any species is a natural type for obvious reasons(Chrome/Silver)Barra are well renound for their love of gold and this influenced my next choice.Alot of regulars and locals were doing well on these two patterns with two other stand outs being,Qantas (Red head white body) and a pattern with a purple back and red vertical bars,Chrome sides and a yellow belly with a splash of pink on the side of the head.This is available from both Halco and Mr Gadens stables,I took about four boxes to Awoonga about 40 lures.Ended up taking 10 aboard for use after I learnt what was effective and worked for me.Congrats on your early prep,This tells me you are organised and this only leads to success.The Pros were the 12+ footers.My father in law used to work there and swore by anything with pink on it.The lures you have pictured are an excellent choice for October as I've seen them work very well at that time of year,Predeteks would have to be one of the most popular lures at the dam.Mate if ya go in October take at least one Bills Bug!
    # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # Hope I've been able to help.

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    Re: Awoonga lures so far

    Ok guys, this is all good stuff.

    Here's one more question from the novice. What depth in the scorpions for casting? The 125s come in shallow, standard, deep and crazy deep. I'd hazard a guess as either shallow or standard but which one?

    What about the laser pros as well. The bibs on them look weird to me though. Too much to choose from! AAAAARGH!

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