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    Awoonga at night

    I'm aware a lot of the night action at Awoonga is trolling but I'm sure I have seen people mention casting at night there. Is this with baitcasters? When I use a baitcaster late in the arvo towards snags it all falls apart when it gets too dark to see the lure touchdown causing a swearing situation to occur due to the overrun blotting out the little light left!

    I am also aware that the full moon seems a popular time to target barra. Is this it? Is the moon so bright that you can use a baitcaster at night?

    I have also had troubles using eggbeaters at night when trying to get in close to snags when it gets dark. Sometimes you hear a splash sometimes it's a thunk as the lure hits trees/bank/whatever.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

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    Re: Awoonga at night

    Mark...l use a baitcaster at night....but not in the timber... casting at points and in bays.. Well the Full moon helps you see a bit and some people swear that when the moons up the fish are on....Black moon ,full moon no diff to me,
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    Re: Awoonga at night

    so how do you know when to thumb the spool? If it's just an intuition thing I am probably stuffed as I don't have any. It's only a matter of time before that method leads to tears I reckon.

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    Re: Awoonga at night

    sounds like you need more practice/better reel.... have fished many night long night sessions with the horse whisperer aka Trev with no majore dramas...

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    Re: Awoonga at night

    I often fizzer fish for wild barra at night reguardless of moon phase using a baitcaster. Once your used to your outfit and weight of the lure your using it isnt hard to predict when your lure would be about to touch down and its just a matter of thumbing the spool moments prematuraly.
    I can't give you advise about casting at snags in impoundments at night but in estuaries the barra leave the snags at night and patrol any deep banks near gutters or channels etc.
    Persistance is the key. Hold onto your rod tight , in my experience the hits come when you lest expect it. They are usually LOUD and hard just as your about to lift the lure from the water. Exciting stuff!

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    Re: Awoonga at night

    I assume that is why some of the Viper lures have lumo bibs.

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