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    Faust and Awoonga Mid-October wrong section sorry

    Hi all

    Had a better trip in May /June see (Barra,Jacks and a MMarlin) if it's there

    But anyway we can't help the weather

    1st week at prossie coincided with ABT comp ie: arrived on their last day

    Caught up with Lindsay and met Jas, Bushy and matt and scott?? from townsville

    Also woke up Awoonga(Trev) when I got to the pub... early start for him

    Spent 5 days in howling winds and low temps. Was too stubborn to fish weed beds

    Love the sticks

    As such. never boated a barra Only a ripper of a sooty

    Met a fellow ausfisher on his way north.

    Hi rodney, can't remember yr usename.. cheers Mate

    Talked him into coming for a look at the dam.... promised him his first barra

    Bugger.... he got one after 1 hr. a 109 barra at that!!!

    Sent him on his way and after a run out at the islands 1 day for a nice schoolie/doggy mackerel headed to Awoonga

    Well winds headed south with me.

    water temp never above 24 degrees but they were there and after a week I had an 83cm and on my own a 117 cm one that really tested me!!

    Lost about 5 as well

    Not many picks but had a ball



    Of course all released

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    Re: Faust and Awoonga Mid-October

    Rodney 1st barra

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    Re: Faust and Awoonga Mid-October


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    Re: Faust and Awoonga Mid-October

    117 awoonga

    Sorry bout the pic

    hell of a fight so not too much time for pics on my own



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    Re:  Faust and Awoonga Mid-October wrong sect

    Nice fish Luskin.

    I will be up there soon for the first time can't wait
    Would be happy to catch any one of those fish
    How Goods Australia

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    Re:  Faust and Awoonga Mid-October wrong sect

    Good fish mate....
    Kids need models, more than they need critics."
    "In youth we learn; in age we understand."
    "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand

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    Re:  Faust and Awoonga Mid-October wrong sect

    Well done Luskin great work nice fish and well done on putting someone on to their first Barra.

    Thanks for telling it how it was.

    I'ts great to catchup with Ausfisho's as we met one at Awoonga and he was good value - hopefully as i type he has his first barra.

    If any Ausfishos are going to awoonga in the next couple of days call in to the cabins next to the toilet block and look for the guys with a hornet. He is a big guy with a cojack - put them on to some good spots if they haven't got fish yet as it would be great to see another fisho with their first barra. Ask him if he has been fishing Dead Cow Bay and hopefully not No Fish Bay!!!!

    Well done again on a great trip.

    Were the Abt guys doing anything new technique wise????

    Cheers SeekingBarradise

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