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    Re: biggest australian bass

    Hi Guys,
    I thought I'd satify at least a few and post the pic of a 603mm fork length fish (645mm OA) I hooked one about 5 cm longer a fortnight after this one and played it to within 6 feet before the lure pulled out, so that's my target - a 65cm FL day. Wild river bass are the best in my books.

    The biggest fish that appears on the Wild River Bass DVD is a 55cm fork length I got in the middle of the day. A 60cm on film would have been just bloody magic. We have had some great feedback from people who have seen and bought the DVD which has encourage us to do another bass film, but in wide screen and HiDef. Wild River Bass Too.


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    Re: biggest australian bass

    G'day Seamo,
    The man himself....Awsome to have ya on deck.Been reading and enjoying your writings for a while.And ya DVD is awsome.Great top water action.Looking foward to any contributions you make to this great site in the future.

    My apoligies to all for my comments that weren't %100 accurate (With regards to Seamos fish) earlier on this thread.

    Cheers hardb8

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    droullll drroulll that fish is awsome,i love it did ya give em a kiss and chuck em back
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    Bloody nice fish Seamo, I am dieing to get back into the water and chase some monster bass.
    Not enough time in the day, to many spots to fish!

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    Re: biggest australian bass


    Caught well over 50 bass at North Pine over the last 15 months that went over the 55cm mark. Mostly between 55 and 58cms. One morning, we scored about 70 bass between 3 of us and tagged about 20 over 55cms. Also lost a few bigger fish but could have been yellas or togas.

    I know a guy who caught a 68cm bass. He was by himeself so only got a photo of it lying on the bank and you can't really tell how big it is - funny that!

    I have plenty between 55 and 58cm photos.

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    hey navi was wondering when you would make an appearance in this thread after the stories you told me.....i reckon they need to splice genes from bass and barra...imagine a metre plus bass or a barra that came on the chew like bass...heaven for some

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    Hey Hardb8,
    I'll contribute to posts where I can and I'm glad you liked the DVD.

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    meter plus barra do come on the bite like bass

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    i'd like to catch a bassamundi, sounds good to me
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    Mate of mine (ragman) caught this 57cm bass, pitch black around 9.00pm in a creek that flows into the Macleay River, he had no torch, no pliers, and foul hooked the fish & still managed to land her (with my help of course). The fishing Gods were looking out for him that night. Have fished the Macleay river for over 20 years and big fish Bass%2013_01_10%20no_1.JPGare landed every season (my best being 54cms) and we are sure that we have dropped bigger fish, but that is what keeps us coming back. Cheers for nowBass%2013_01_10%20no_2%20adjusted.jpg

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    The caboolture river before the weir days was a world renownd big bass fishery, i think the biggest was 11lb and a few onces with a lot of 9to10lb bass were the norm but that was a long time ago, ive heard of a 72cm bass but that was in the pine dam,i gotten lots over 50cm with biggest 57cm still looking for my 60cm plus though,there a few good wild rivers over the boarder i like to fish one da

    And davcoman that is a lovely bass ,a nice olive gold shine to it the water down there must be realy clear and clean in the Macleay river.

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    Saw a few big dead ones when fishing the upper Pine River in Feb/March last year after the big floods. Most were long and slender and beaten-up, probably from falling over the dam wall. They were all rotten so didn't care to play with them and throw them on the lie-detector. Saw some real big yellas too.

    Cheers, Pete
    Hobie Outback 2012 &
    Hobie Oasis 2012

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    theres no lengths given just weights..

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    Of course we know that size does matter. But to me my personal bests are about how challenging the capture was. I once caught a 30kg GT! But it did not fight, it must have been sick. At the other end of the scale, when I was young I fished for years without landing a murray cod, when I did it was only 200mm long, but it was a trout cod! I was pretty stoked to catch an endangered species like that at the time. Can't say that catching a 60cm bass would have been a bummer though.

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    My best bass that I've photographed on a ruler (so it's fair dinkem), just touches 55cm
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