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Thread: biggest australian bass

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    biggest australian bass

    any one know what the biggest recorded bass is and is there a chance you know what class line thay got it on (if you know)
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    good question nuggstar

    been many a post about this one.

    We caught a 57cm (nose to the tail) bass at Somerset.

    It had a tag in, so we phoned in. It was the second biggest bass phoned in, biggest was 58cm.

    There was no records for 60 cm + bass despite all the rumours and noises you hear about big bass


    PS caught on 6lb braid in about 30 feet down in 70 feet of water
    , absolutely hair raisingly great fun

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    Great fun catching those big suckers on light gear. My PB is 3.04kg on 4lb line. The sucker only measured 52cm's to the fork. Have had a Bass right up next to the boat which I estimated would have gone close to if not more than the 60cm length, but lost it at the boat. Not happy!!

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    Hey Nug,
    #The biggest I've seen in the flesh were both 55cm to tha fork.One was caught by me,And the other by my m8.Neither fish were weighed,But both were estimated to be over 3kg.

    I have seen pics from Mr Dave Seaman,Holding a Bass that was 60cm.He measures his fish to the fork of the tail.There is also footage of a caught 60 in his DVD.I believe both these fish were caught in the wild,Which makes them,That much more special.

    I have heard rumours,As have we all,Of MONSTER Bass.The biggest I've heard of was 68cm #,Dunno if it was a overall or fork lenght.There are supposed to be pics,But I haven't seen em.

    I too am intrested to hear more on this subject........Keep it comin guys.

    I'll be gunnin for that 60 in about three hours time,As the sun rises over the hills #.Better go ta bed.

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    I've heared rumors of 60cm bass in the upper clarence.

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    thanks guys (i love that destroyer ric) i hope someone post a pic of a big 60cm fish soon so i stop seeing it im my dreams and can get some real sleep. please does any one else know of someone or has cought a 60+fish then. please tell us ausfishers all about it
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    G'day a mate of mine got a 60cm bass at Somerset

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    any pics
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    62cm fork from memory out of the Hawkbury. I will have to try and find the pic. Very long fish but extremely skinny and I expect it may have been at the end of it's life. The pic was on another website a couple of years back so may take a while to locate it.
    Eat well, drink in moderation, exercise often and yet you still die anyway!

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    there used to be a picture of a bass over 60cm at north pine dam. were you used to put your boats in.and from memory that was caught in 2004.have also hered of a bass coming out of north pine that went 68cm but have not yet seen the pictures.

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    wow thats big
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    Hi guys the biggest one we heard of come from Wuruma Dam so maybe Bundy Fly on here can shed some light on that one as she has the most up to date info out that way.

    Fish well in to the 60's+ often talked about - locals out there never took any photos when we were there - most were just interested in a feed which is fair enough.

    It will be interesting to see how big they can get to.

    Cheers SeekingBarradise

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    I've heard that during one of those electroshock things they do in the dams, one around bundaburg was found at 70cm. Not caught on a line tho but still... pretty freeking big.

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    holeycrap any pics
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: biggest australian bass

    This has gone on far to long with no pictures
    The biggest i have seen in person 53cm. Until some pics get posted that the biggeast that exists hahaha.
    Surely with a site this large if there were so many reports of 60cm+ there should be several pics by now! Dont want to be a sceptic.
    Please prove me wrong!!!


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