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Thread: Dumaresq river

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    Dumaresq river

    Anyone fished the Dumaresq river or Macintyre brook near Inglewood lately, looks like I might try down there instead of Chinchilla on the long weekend.

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    Re: Dumaresq river

    Gday aaron
    There was a good flow at texas on tuesday looks like there was a fare bit of water from Glenlyon ! don't know if that afects the fish like it does everywhere else.

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    Re: Dumaresq river

    I was out at Macintyre Brook over Xmas period.
    They were releasing water from Coolmunda so all the weirs downstream were running.
    We caught a few yellas however we didnt fish hard or very much, just lookin around for new camping & access spots, pics etc for the website.

    I would expect the yellas to be running with a good flow through there. Well worth a shot.


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    Re: Dumaresq river

    glen lyon yellas are going ballistic so they say

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    Re: Dumaresq river

    Thanks a lot guys I am looking foreward to exploring the areas down there

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    Re: Dumaresq river

    Just got back from Glenlyon dam the yella,s were going off big time any lure or color even hitting large cod lures.

    cheers rossco

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    Re: Dumaresq river

    hey guys was at riverton on the demeresq over chrissy only fished one day cause i came down with the chiken pox and had to come home. there seemed to be a lot of water coming down from glenlyon was very cold 16 to 18 degrees in most parts we caught 4 cod for the day 2 on over sised trout spinners and 2 on mudeye depth charges all fish were caught in quite fast running water late in the arvo

    cheers tim

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    Re: Dumaresq river

    anyone been there recently? going there this long weekend.


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    Re: Dumaresq river

    i know there are 4 reserves down past yelarbon on he old warwick highway.You should try those out.

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    Re: Dumaresq river

    I had a couple of fishos I know go around the Mole river area a week or two back and they got a few yellas which fought ok and a few small cod which basically hit the lure,rolled over and floated to the top as they do when colder weather sets in.
    The Texas boys have been taking large numbers of yellas in that area and I wonder just how many are kept when they talk about session captures of more than 30-40, especially when they are bait fishos..
    I dont fish that area much these days as most of the cod have band aids on their lips from being hooked so many times. Too much traffic on the rivers for my liking..
    A lot of property owners shut off public entry as you get closer to yetman so the reserves are the main entry and there are several between Glen Lyon and yetman.
    Theres a vineyard below the quarry river crossing thats owned by some nice people that dont mind you going on as long as you leave it as you found it and your campsites secure. Just be aware that the narrow river valley fills up quickly when the dam releases water so dont park or camp too close to the river.
    I have heard the same about Glen Lyon with huge numbers of yellas being caught.

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    Re: Dumaresq river

    I am an hour or two away from there at the moment on a different river - down Emmaville way. Been a couple inches of rain in the past week. Rivers were flowing hard but are easing off now. Fishing is quiet.

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    Re: Dumaresq river

    i go to the Dumaresq all the time, only ever catch cod around the 55cm mark. never, ever have we caught a yella in there in about 10 trips, nor have we caught many carp. we know the big ones are in there, just dont know what to do anymore. tried big crayfish, surface poppers, deep diver, spinnerbaits. your right, there is too many people on the river. The feedlot needs to shut off the public access gates so people dont go in.

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    Re: Dumaresq river

    We have caught plenty of yellas through that area on lures during summer and I used to fish all through that area there for the last 30 years and big cod were very common back then and the place was almost famous with its big cod stocks.
    I have heard from an official source that they did a study into restocking activity for the Dumaresque only in the last few years and found that:
    The local fishing clubs have been putting cod in.
    The local property owners have been putting them in.
    A few keen fishos have been buying fingerlings and stocking their favourite holes.
    Fisheries have been putting cod fingerlings in.
    The judgement was that the river was overstocked by around 200% hence there was not enough natural food supply to allow these fish to grow to a bigger size.
    And the size of the small fish was non representative of their age, so some fish are 6-7 year old and only cracking 50cm or so.

    Apparently the big flood that went through there a few years back thinned them out but the restocking continues.

    Yep murrayfella, I was talking to some people I met a week back and their fave TSR spot is one I used to frequent but they have friends with friends who know friends with other friends and their friends fish the same spot.
    Way too much traffic on the Dumaresque so Its no fun for me as I like to get away from that..

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