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    Whats the best way to cook redfin?

    I'm looking for what the best ways are to prepare and cook redfin.

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    Re: Whats the best way to cook redfin?


    Redfin are an introduced species and considered by many to be a pest. Having said that - i reckon they are one of - if not THE best eating fish you can get in the freshwater in Australia (southern states). Just fillet and skin em, dust em in seasoned flour and shallow fry.....squeeze over a bit of lemon and sprinkle with salt and pepper.......side of home made chips and you have a meal fit for a king.

    ps ; make sure they are a decent size (500g +) or you be pickin too many bones out of em


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    Re: Whats the best way to cook redfin?

    Agree with Greg - as an old mexican, we used to catch heaps of reddies. Simple is best, mayeb some light seasoning, but not much...bit of butter in a pan and quick fry.


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    Re: Whats the best way to cook redfin?

    Cheers Greg,

    I might even throw in a dash of garlic aye.

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    I agree with greg to. One of the best eating fish ever.
    Best way to cook. Take the scales off, through in some flour, cook in pan whole.
    Nothing else needed as they taste great "EL Natural"

    Ronnie h

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    My wife is Finnish and they catch a lot of them where she is from...even caught a few myself when we were there last year (ice fishing, now there's an experience!!).

    Best way to have them is wood-smoked...damn delicious! 2nd best is skinned/filleted and in seasoned flour...fried in Butter.

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