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    what rod for calcutta 400

    I have a calcuta 400 that I intend to use for trolling and fishing for mainly murray cod. I was wondering what rod I should use for this reel and what line (spiderwire etc) should i spool it with.



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    Re: what rod for calcutta 400


    The standard for cod trolling is 6-8 kg but the cal 400 is a big reel for this job so you may be better off with 8

    Rod wise look at something thats fairly rigid through to the tip but also has a little give right through the body. If you are gonna use braid then a bit of length will help say 6ft6in but with mono you can cut back on the length a bit. dont go for a rod with two soft a tip such as an ugly stick or the like as it will be loaded up just by trolling and probably cost you fish as any give will be used up already.

    As a suggestion you could look at loomises in the 3-4 power sizes or drop me an email and I can advise you on what I could build for you that would suit.

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