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    Calcutta 50  -  Saltwater

    I have a Calcutta 50 which I normally use in freshwater.
    While fishing in the Clarence River last weekend, I was told not to use them in saltwater. # WHY?

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    Re: Calcutta 50 #- #Saltwater

    Gday Old Fart,I love my Calcutta 50 and when it is running well there isnt a better baitcaster for throwing little lures around.(In my opinion)
    But I have had probs with salt water getting into the bearings and making it a bit rough when I use it at the beginning of a days fishing.I have heard of similar problems with other gold Calcuttas.(The silver ones seem to be immune probably because of a bush instead of a bearing)
    Thats just my experience.There are a couple of people I know who have never had any problems with theirs at all in the salt.
    Either way it pays to pull them down regularly and give them a good clean.
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Calcutta 50 #- #Saltwater

    Hi Fellas,
    I have had a callcutta 50 for ages now and havent had a problem. I service it once a year and give it a wash and dry after each use. The XT model (I don' think they make them anymore)with the holes machined in them didn't like salt water, but I think shimano are bringing it back but with a bit more stainless steel in the internals.

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