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    Daiwa Emblem X

    Thinking of buying a Daiwa Emblem X 2000 for some 2Kg spinning for Aust. Salmon & small Tuna, has anyone had any experience with these reels. They seem to have larger drag washes than what shimano have on offer. Drag performance is my biggest concern as they can heat up real quick with one of these speedsters attached. Will be using 2Kg fireline and a Daiwa procaster z rod. TIA


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    Re: Daiwa Emblem X

    jeeezus he lives

    howzit buddy coming out of hybernation eh. you queenslanders just cant handle the winter cold of our lovely waters. mind you i wish id hid under the covers just got onto the first surface action after Waaaay to long on sunday. give us a bell and well go chase something eh kawahi will be spawning soon. oh btw great reel but I reckon the rods crap will loose guide rings for sure(LOL)


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    Re: Daiwa Emblem X

    G'day FishBox.
    I owned a Diawa Emblem Z (Cheaper model I believe -around $135) in 4500 and can warn everyone to steer clear of it.

    The plastic fitting where the bail arm attaches to the rotor split, the internal bail trip snapped and the anti reverse ceased to exist - all of this happened just as it ran out of warranty >

    I'm sure the internals of the higher priced model are of superior quality though! ???

    Cheers, Slates

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