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Thread: Duel game reels

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    Duel game reels

    Hi folks, I just bought a Duel 6/O and was surprised that the Q/C for it was pretty bad. On the cranking side, all the screws holding the frame and side plate together have scratch marks around the screw holes, and a white rubberish piece of material was sticking out of the screw hole located near the handle (looks like the hole for topping up oil for the gear box) On top of that there were light scratch marks found at various places. I bought this reel from Singapore but I think the shop here got it from his sources in Australia. My spare spool come in a Duel plastic bag with the word "Bluewater" written on it. Is there a shop by that name in Australia? and has anyone had the experience of buying a Duel with such poor Q/C? One more thing, how do we know whether the oil in the gear box isn't leaking? Thanks

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    Re: Duel game reels

    G'day Ulua

    Sounds like that reel has been taken apart and certainly could not be considered new. I wonder if it was returned for warranty work and you were sold it by mistake?

    While there are a number of locations or shops here in Oz with "Bluewater" in their names, have you spoken with the crew who sold you the reel iin Singapore and arranged to have it returned and replaced with a new one?

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    Re: Duel game reels

    Tried a Duel Speedy once. Not very impressive for the price you have to pay. For a 6kg class reel the tolerences weren't very good and the 6kg would get up under the frame behind the spool. This is one thing which pisses me off and a sign of quality when this doesn't happen.

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