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    Schematic for Shimano Bantam 50

    Would anyone have access to a diagram of this reel as I have had one for years and am not game to pull it apart for maintenance with out it...or maybe a site where I can obtain one from...

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    Re: Schematic for Shimano Bantam 50

    Captain Blighs at Slacks Ck photocopied one for an old Abu I had free of charge because the makeup of the reel had not changed but I don't know about your reel.Might be worth a shot.

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    Re: Schematic for Shimano Bantam 50

    Mate, they are dead easy to pull apart. The only thing & I mean the only thing you have to be carefull with, is when you remove the side cover, the two little springs that work with the freespool button, don't spring out. Everything else is very basic. The only other thing, is to make sure you put the antireverse cog back on the correct way, you will know if you havn't cause no matter what you do, line will come off the spool, when the gear is supposed to be engaged.
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