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    Minn Kota Bow Mount

    G-day everyone,
    # # # # # # # # # # # My new Minn Kota RT55-AP bow mount has finally arrived. Took a while to save the cash. What I'd like to know is, Does mounting the motor off center on the bow make any difference to the way the boat handles. The manufacturer recomends mounting in the centre. I'd prefer to mount off centre because when it is in the stowed position it will not interfere with the seating arrangement. Also my son can stand up front and only have the motor to one side rather than in the middle & having to step over it. The quick realese bracket didn't turn up with the motor, so Iv got some time to think about the best place to mount untill it turns up.

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    Re: Minn Kota Bow Mount

    shouldn't be a proub at all, uoy steer the thing so it'll go wer ya want hay!
    i have two on my boat bouth in different possies and no prob's no matter witch one you are useing!!!
    Hookin, Brett

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