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    New Stength Bionic Braid

    Following the availability of GsP yarn in deniers
    finer than what could previously be produced,
    the current run of Bionic braid and henceforth will
    be stronger with no increase in diametre. Already
    finer for a given strength than the thermo-fused
    GsP lines (which, by the way, vastly uderstate breaking stains on spool labelling) the new BB will continue to stand
    any comparison with import competitors.

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    Re: New Stength Bionic Braid

    Sound very good.The pink stuff just gets better and better....
    Can't beat that pink underwear on the fly reels.....
    Harro what is the smallest poundage available in the BB.....?
    I have a small baitcaster that need some braid for the sooties,jacks and pink eyes.

    Cheers Steve Ooi

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    Re: New Stength Bionic Braid


    12 lbs BB is the lightest. Great stuff for smaller baitcasters (ABU2500c) especially when teamed up with KD's.


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    Re: New Stength Bionic Braid

    another great AUSSIE PRODUCT,to all those B/B fisho's out there complment the Bionic with one of Harro's "Knotted Dog Leaders" agurably the finest line leader combo in the world
    these leaders will complment any brand of braid and hookup rate will increase dramatcialy!!
    Hookin, Brett

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    Re: New Stength Bionic Braid

    "Turn it up Big Fella". You sound like an streetside spruiker (sp). If you weren't so right, I'd pay you out some more.

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    Re: New Stength Bionic Braid

    you are forgiven,my son!
    Hookin, Brett

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