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    Bionic Braid

    Have just had my brother in law up fishing for 3 days. He was using 30lb Bionic Braid. It seemed to break fairly easily. One breakoff was at the bimini twist during a cast and the other was trying to get his lure back from a tree (he is good at parrot fishing) the line just snapped. Couldn't see any worn bits or dings in the line. He had just put new line on for the trip. I want to switch to an Aussie product, but what I have seen has left me a bit sceptical.

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    May be worth while checking the guides and reel for any cracks, marks or anything that may be cutting the braid. If all is fine on the gear I would suggest you take it back to where you bought it and get them to send it back to the factory for testing or send it back to the factory direct.
    I have heard of one other person having a similar issue with the braid, but on closer inspection it was a crack in the first guide that was causing the damage.

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    Re: Bionic Braid

    Dazza mate .i really don't know what to say..or what could be the cause of the problem.....
    I found bionic braid to be the better of the the braids i've used so far(spiderwire,fireline, spiderwire fusion,whiplash,power pro and bionic braid)....THe power pro is another nice braid to use ..
    Power pro and Bionic have a very tight weave which i feel adds to their superior performance....
    I have a mate that uses BB in the 50 lb range and pulls stumps nearly out with....His moto is "if it ain't green then it will come", he's relocated a few snags with it in his time on the water....
    You'll find that the power pro will break well above the rate strength and fireline breaks way above its rating( fire line is a good all round fused line but i feel it doesn't cast as nice as the weaved braids)..While Bionic braid usually breaks closer to the given rating......
    while i use 30 lb braid i tend to fish it more like 20 lb mono, drags are backed off a little more ( unless throwing lures deep into snags)this allow for a little more give in a non stretch system and you tend to not pull hooks so much....The non stretch factor of braid has many benifits but it also has its problems as well...Especially with jumping fish...

    Cheers Steve ooi

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    Re: Bionic Braid

    i have to agree with Steve, Boinic is a execlent product that i have never had trouble with 8)
    i would take it to the place of pursche and get them to return it to the factory.
    "If It Ain't Green Then It Will Come"
    Hookin, Brett

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    Re: Bionic Braid

    Thanks for the opinions guy's, much appreciated.
    He was using one of my rods and I cannot see any problems with the guides. The rod is a Wilson Live Fibre. I think they use fairly good components on their stuff. Good thought though, might tell the missus it was the rod. Oh well, will have to buy a new one
    We still ended up catching 23 different species in 3 days.

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