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    Advice for beginner ?

    Total beginner
    Moving to Dampier W.A for a couple of years
    Have access to boat
    Any thoughts on basic gear ?
    Rod , reel etc etc etc

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    Re:  Advice for beginner ?

    From what I've heard, you'll only need the following:-
    Penn 8500, 10ft ugly Stick and 30lb Braid. The Gt's over there have Turbo Charged Tails and are that big they make Daryl Broughman look like Peewee Herman.

    Kingfisher Painting Solutions:- Domestic and Commercial.

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    Re:  Advice for beginner ?

    I agree with phill but will add buy from a tackle shop if possible and not from kmart or big w ( I'm not knocking these outlets ) but you want gear and advice from poeple who go fishing or poeple who has their living on the line so to speak. buying gear is a big investment and you want the best return for it , for up the rivers and creeks try an overhead outfit in the 4 to 6 kg range . I use mono line not braid ( but thats my choice others will say the other way ) also buy the best outfit you can afford. good luck

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