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    a beach inside my abu

    fishing of a small beach in the burnette heads area at night, i had to move everything back as the tide came in. being dark i f**ked up and forgot my abu-6000 the tide came over it. i found it in waist high water by walking around for 45min and eventualy stood on it. i am pleased to announce she has made a full recovery. my alvey also took a bit of water and sand on board but it only took 15min to clean as opposed to 5 hours spent stripping and rebuilding the abu twice. what is the best fluid to use to clean the drag washers.

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    Re:  a beach inside my abu


    You lucky mongrel!!
    A tatts ticket is in order there!

    Seriously, give the drag a going over with petrol and leave the washers dry. Adding lubricants seems to make ABU drags worse.
    You could do a lot better by purchasing some of Jack Erskine's "Smoooth" drag washers.
    I've added some to2 of my ABUs and the drag is unbelievably better. (this is not an ad )

    Make sure you get all that salty stuff out!!

    Cheers, Slates

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    Re:  a beach inside my abu

    Well done Mick,you must be very patient!I once dropped a Daiwa Millionaire 6HM in the water,and no matter what I did to it,it was NEVER the same.So I pumped it full of oil,took it to Cash Converters,got $85 for it(only paid $120 for it a couple of years previously)and laughed all the way home!I hope you didn't buy it ! I think if it had been an ABU,I would have paid the extra attention too,but anyway................
    Until next time...

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    Re:  a beach inside my abu

    Mick, white spirits / Lighter fluid for washing your drag washers mate.
    I also fitted the jack Erskine drag washers in me 7000 But i rubbed a little lanolum oil into em with me fingers and then wiped off with cloth. So far so good .
    My reels et stipped and cleaned aprox every third trip, know its a little overboard but what the. Fills in time and keeps me reels in top nick ey.
    By the way Pats got some smooties if your after some ey.

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    Re:  a beach inside my abu

    thanks everyone. they are dam good reels. and i will be investing in new drag washes cause mine are stuffed. will be stripping her again, it got a drowned from the spray over the weekend.

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