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    Store rigs without tangles

    #???Would like to know if there are,bags or boxes to store complet rigs in setup, all sizes. ,any information would really #be appreciated

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    Re:  Store rigs without tangles

    I've seen soft Plano brand wallet type setups with zip lock bags inside for the purpose. But myself, I used to use zip lock sandwich bags but now I make a few loops in the rig, fold aluminium foil around it & press down hard with the flat of my hand (this stops it tangling). Its cheap, quick, reuseable, stops tangles, sits really flat & if the foil goes astray on the beach it will break down much quicker than plastic.
    I generally will only make enough rigs for a single trip as the aluminium will hasten corrosion of brass & steel. I then either put them in a small hard plastic tackle box with a selection of sinkers or in the side pocket of a wading bag.
    Another idea I've seen from topgun mackeral fisherman (who believe a small kink in a single strand wire trace makes it useless) is to store the trace inside a length of PVC pipe with a styrofoam plug at each end. Once again, cheap, quick, durable, easy to store. I'm sure there's many more ideas out there too.

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    Re:  Store rigs without tangles

    We use plain old plastic freezer bags for keeping rigs for Mackerel, Cobia etc in. We then put them in a water tight plastic container.
    For hooks etc especially gangs, we fold these up into aluminium foil, then put all the made up rigs back into the hook box.

    We have a bin on the boat that ALL bags & rubbish go into when out on the water.
    Gold Coast

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    Re:  Store rigs without tangles

    Reel-em-in fishing tackle has a tackle holder out it is
    round styrofoam with grooves in it for your line.You can check
    it out on their web site in Whats New.
    Regards Greenie

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    Re:  Store rigs without tangles

    G'day Steve.
    The other suggestions are probably better for the environment and packing size, but I use small blocks of polystyrene. This way you can stab your hooks into it quite easily thus negating the hook in the finger syndrome when fumbling about at night.
    Also, if the other end of the rig has a swivel on it, this stabs in ok too.
    Many rigs can fit on it and, of course, it is very light to pack.

    Great for surf and bottom bashing rigs where losses are high.

    Cheers, NS

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