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    #*&^%#@ KNOTS

    Hi Guys,
    This may be an old topic but i will ask again any way, ??? I am thinking of loading my tld30 with braid and was wondering what to do about bust offs and snags etc etc. > Is there a knot thet allows you to tie a swivell to the braid to facilitate a quick change of a 2 hook bottom bashing rig ??? or do I have to tie that annoying albright knot all the time? > > Or is there another method, what are your thoughts. Any suggestions on braid size also.
    Thanks in advance. Griz 8)
    Tight lines <*)(((((((((><

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    Re: #*&^%#@ KNOTS

    I used braid for bottom bashing a couple of years back at Fitzroy. I used a knot I found that was listed in the spidrewire booklet. It never did let go.

    Basics of it are:
    Double your braid and pass it through hole.

    Do 4 loops of the looped end around the doubled bit. Same as blood knot.

    Pass the looped end through the hole you've made and then pass the loop over the swivel.

    Pull it up slowly and evenly.

    Hope that doesn't confuse you too much.

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    Re: #*&^%#@ KNOTS

    Grizz, I have a TLD30 and have loaded it with 50lb Super Braid, goes well. I tie a short double then attach, with your favourite allbright knot, about 3metres of 40lb jinkai, enough to get a couple of winds onto the reel anyway. I then attach my hooks to that if I am using a floater, or if bottom bashing, have a pre tied rig that has a swivel that I just tie to the jinkai. This way it is only ever one knot I have to tie. I use the jinkai to get a bit of shock absorbtion and don't tie a swivel between the lines because I want it to pass through the guides. Hope this hasn't confused, contact me any time if you want to know more. Oh, and get a rod with a nice soft tip. Clutter.

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