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    ;Dchronarch drag

    Hi fisho,s.
    Was wondering if any one knows of any drag washers with a bigger surface area than the standard ones.??/I have a set of erskins in one reel at the moment,they,re great.Can only apply about 2 kgs of drag,have to thumb to get more drag[finger prints almost back after faust trip]Would like the surface of the drag washer to fill the whole drum down to the interal sharft.
    cheers big george

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    Re:  ;Dchronarch drag


    I have Jack's washer in my Chronarch and cannot get it to lock.

    Not sure on your 2KG more like 20KG

    I have replaced the bearing 3 times, the reel it a total piece of garbage, good for the fresh, no good for the salt

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    Re:  ;Dchronarch drag

    Leather gardening gloves cut into washers with 0025 rubbed into them will do the job.

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    Re:  ;Dchronarch drag

    I've got a couple of Calcutta 250's and am not very happy with the drags either. I was an ABU man before and the way it looks I'll be going back to them. I've tried a few things but my son's ABU 5000 kill's it for drag pressure and smoothness.

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    Re:  ;Dchronarch drag

    Easy fix just buy diawa

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    Re: #;Dchronarch drag

    My chronachs is by far the greatest reel l have owned especially in the salt ....

    Big George l have put calcutta 200 drag washers in mine they have a bigger surface area (than the calcutta 100 ones)they have the same inner and outer diameter,and now l can lock and load 8)

    good luck


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    Re:  ;Dchronarch drag

    To any people who are unsatisfied with their Chronach's. Give me a call and I'll take them off your hands. Serious.

    Cheers, Clutter.

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    Re:  ;Dchronarch drag

    Big george have a look at the team diawa td-z103 see what you think. very nice. And I use daiwa and am not a writer can get 6kg over the rod out of a td103hsd I would use a chronarch but I have heard that you can only get 2kg of drag out of them anyway I dont think they let just anyone have a daiwa I have got many a barra from the timber at teemburra dam witch is as thick as faust. as for faust buy a pair of gloves and learn how to use you thumbs That or learn to cast with a tld30

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