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    berkeley drop  shot minnows

    can someone post me a picture of this plastic

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    Re: berkeley drop #shot minnows

    google is my friend ...
    it can be your friend too #


    comes in a light grey colour (smelt grey from memory) & would be the most convincing imitation I have seen for the whitebait in the bay you see mackeral coughing up all over the carpet of your boat

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    Re: berkeley drop #shot minnows

    Berkley minnow grubs are on special at Big W Carindale for $9.95 if anyones interested
    Fishing for the thrill, not for the kill

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    Re: berkeley drop #shot minnows

    special ?

    that's the everyday price at Springwood marine for a pack of Berkley frangas.

    Correct if I'm wrong Trav., but it was 2 weeks ago.

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