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Thread: ABU TORNO?

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    I'm thinking about buying one. Has anyone had any experiences with them?

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    Re: ABU TORNO?

    If your gunna get one get the 3006 hsi model. very smooth reel. Not so impresive the cheaper3003 model.
    Agnes jack

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    Re: ABU TORNO?

    Davo, I've got the 3004 HS. Nice reel. Use it for flicking spinner baits and hard bodies for bass thru to hard bodies for flathead and hopefully jacks. Drag is good on it but going to upgrade the washers to erskins stuff. Mate reckons there the bee knees. Otherwise really happy with it. Using 10lb Berkley Gorrilla braid on it too. Cheers
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    Re: ABU TORNO?

    how dear are these reels

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    Re: ABU TORNO?

    I picked mine up on sale a little while ago. Paid about $140 for it. Have seen them from $200 - $250. Think i got a really good deal or some stores just charge to much. Who really knows??? [smiley=confused.gif]
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    Re: ABU TORNO?

    The 3600hsi is currently on special in the abu summer sale catalogue for $265. The 3003 is around the $170 mark and the 3004hs model sells for about $230. This can vary though acording to wholesale special lists from time to time.
    regards tony

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