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Thread: best braid knot

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    best braid knot

    with using braid with hard body lures, i like using the 'perfection knot' cause its strong and lets the lure swim freely.

    but i have noticed that certain knots don't hold as well as they do for mono line when securing jigheads or swivels/hooks. i have been using the 'double-loop clinch knot' and the 'uni knot' but sometimes they break under little stress. we def not the rated breaking strain [smiley=shout.gif]

    just wondering if any1 has ideas
    what do you use? [smiley=helpa.gif]

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    Re: best brain knot

    It is best not to tie Braid directly to your lure. This is due to the fact that the braid has virtualy 0% stretch. Best to use a bit of mono or better still use a knotted dog leader between the braid and your lure.

    I find the best knot to use with braid is a 72 turn bimini twist, as suggested by Harro when using Bionic Braid. You can then either put a swivel on the end of the bimini using a cats paw or connect a knotted dog leader or tie the mono to the bimini.

    Info on some Knots and strength is at

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    Re: best braid knot

    thanks steve,
    i also use the bimini twist and a flurocarbon leader but i only use this for heavier gear, 10lb+

    when using the 4-6lb, i don't like using a mono leader. i feel that it restricts the movement on the light weight plastic.

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    Re: best braid knot

    Matty-e - if you are clinching the knot down hard on the jig or swivel then go with the palomar for braid. Its the ants pants.

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    Re: best braid knot

    l use a bimini twist on the braid and attach the mono using an uni ,l dont find there is any restriction on the plastic unless l go over eight pounds in which case l use a loop knot
    cheers spike

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    Re: best braid knot

    I use 4lb fireline but use 6lb or 8lb Vanish for a leader. I attach it with a double uni or an albright. I have never had any trouble with reduced action and find it better abrasively.

    Cheers, Clutter

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    Re: best braid knot

    thanks spike, clutter & gunna,
    im gunna give em a go and see what happens
    thanks again

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    Re: best braid knot

    If in doubt, put a drop of superglue on the braid knots.

    Kind regards... David

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    Re: best braid knot

    sooty_mad, supaglue ???
    i have never heard of that. i might give a test with the weigh scales. cheers


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    Re: best braid knot


    I always keep a tube or two of Superglue in my tackle box and I put a drop on every braid knot I tie. That way you can be sure they won't slip.

    Regards... David

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    Re: best braid knot


    I forgot to mention. I use "Fireline" and tie a standard spiderhitch double joined to a "Vanish" leader with an albright knot with a drop of Superglue on the braid. As the glue is "going off" which is usually only after a few seconds I wipe off any excess glue.

    Kind regards... David

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    Re: best braid knot

    Matty Palomar,uni knot, and bimini twist double, will get you around nearly every situation you will encounter. good luck agnes_jack

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    Re: best braid knot

    I use a bimini to create a double for my line. That way I can tie the double end to whatever I'm using with any knot I fancy. Even if I only get 50% knot strength, it only brings it back down to the lines original breaking strain as it's doubled over.
    Cheers, Mark.

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    Re: best braid knot

    thanks for the info guys,
    last week-end i was down south havin fun with the flatties. i lost a few plastics due to the flatheads gobblin it down. you could feel the teeth tearing strand by strand as i bring it to the surface. i only have that prob with the small 2" shads. i usually use the 4" but they would only hit the 2" this one morn.
    so im gunna go and use the bimini for the small shads and have a larger pound trace.
    i usually use flurocarbon as a trace for my larger rigs (14lb+) and i know this stuff is $$$$. but my question, does fluro hold together as well as normal mono for a trace for a 6lb main line.

    i know im changing subjects here but times change.

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    Re: best braid knot

    Mate I use either 50lb Platipus platinum (the leftover on the spool from rigging up a reef rod) or a mate of mine uses ANDE monofilament. I reckon both would be cheaper than fluorocarbon and work fine. Just get the thickness that suits your needs. Platinum is quite thin for a mono line.
    Cheers, Mark.

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