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    i am looking for a baitcaster between 50-$150. Depends on how much money i get for christmas. I am interested in a shimano

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    Re: Baitcaster

    i'm very happy with my calcutta 200 but it is a $270 reel i did notice some sets in k-mart looked ok someone else might know more on them


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    Re: Baitcaster

    Have a look at the Shimano Bass Rise. I bought one as a spare, and it is a great little reel for the money. The seem to sell for between $60 and $90 when on special.

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    Re: Baitcaster

    dudley where do you get the shimano bass rise from

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    Re: Baitcaster

    Have a look at the Shimano Corsair. Similar to the Calcuttas but a lot cheaper. Not in the same caliba though but still a damn good reel
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    Re: Baitcaster

    G'day Jewies. If i remember rightly, i bought it down here in melb. at J V Marine , about 12months ago for $69.
    They still have them. I also saw them on campbells pro tackle website as a mail order item for the same.

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    Re: Baitcaster

    Jewies, I have an Abu 6500 C3 and I would say it's fantastic value for money. I've seen them in ####### for $95 at times so if you keep an eye out in the fishing magazines or other ads you may see them there. Usually normal retail price is around $140 I think.
    I've had mine for a few years now and it's still going strong. Easy to clean, service and get parts for if needed.
    The newer model is a C4.
    C3 has 3 bearings, infinite antireverse.
    C4 has 4 bearings, infinite antireverse.
    I use it to fish for everything from Bream, Flathead through to Barramundi.
    Have a chat to your local tackle shop dealer and let them know your budget.
    Hope this is useful.

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    Re: Baitcaster

    The Corsair is a slightly better reel than the Abu 6500 C3 from my experience when used for luring. Both are good reels though so it ends up coming down to price. Coming up to Christmas I reckon you could get a CS400 for around $115. Good Luck.

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    I have a CS200A #Corsair # it craps on the ABU for ease of casting has real smooth drag feels great in the hand .I don't know about cost but i got mine from Cash converters on a 6-8 KG Crystal power tip not a scratch on both for $129.
    It had a casting problem, all the brake block were in the off position. #took me 3 trips to solve the problem. nearly threw it in the drink on last trip after major birds nest with brand new fireline.
    Now top reel. wouldn't recomend corsair for salt use because of the use of chrome metal in the frame. good fresh reel .
    my advise would be save like heck and buy a Calcutta. you may have to wait a little longer to get it but it will last you for a life time if you look after it. #myself i use that outlook, I'd rather wait a week or two to save the extra couple dollars and buy the rolls royce, instead of just buying the item you can afford right now.also look in all the cash converters and pawn shops from now till after Xmas the number of Presents that will turn up there will amaze you.
    hope this helps
    then it realy gets ughly

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