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    plastic ??????????????????????

    all the bait &tackle shops advise me that plastic do not work well around cairns they can't explain why.

    they don't work up here . could it be they don't how to use them ??????????????????????????????????????? [smiley=help.gif] [smiley=help.gif]

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    Re: plastic ??????????????????????

    i reckon thats the case, plastics indeed do work, they work just about in every creek, river, lake, stream and dam, ocean and sea that holds fish life.. i think they are just scared because there bait supplys will go down because people would rather throw a plastic


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    Re: plastic ??????????????????????

    maybe a water clarity thing in the rivers come summer???

    but we had success using aluminium foil & webbing from a backpack on Hinchinbrook, so North Qld fish are certainly dumb enough for plastics

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    Re: plastic ??????????????????????

    Mate, If you get a chance go and have achat with Jason Swan at Erskines - I beleive he has used them plenty


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    Re: plastic ??????????????????????

    I have used plastics in the inlet and Barron and have nailed almost all the regular creek species, bream jacks grunter etc. No barra yet on soft plastic although i have had a few strikes. Maybe next season Like you though I was told not to bother with them.

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    Re: plastic ??????????????????????

    Am useing plastics up here in Darwin (bream sized on bream gear) and have caught nearly every eastry speices on them, even fish that I have never caught on lure before eg sand bass ,blackall, best fish landed to date is a 75cm barra on a 1.5 inch slider. Have found that it takes a bit of playing around to work out the best tides and time of year to use them efectively, sofar the dry is the best time or the first tide after dead neap while the water is still clean at this time of the year. Your 3 inch and up plastics can be usd all tear round and will catch everthing you catch on hard bodies, so bite the bullet buy a couple of packets and give them a go.
    cheers Ian

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