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    Colour coded line

    I have been trying to find information on colour coded line for using Jigs off shore.When a certain colour appears(line) you know that there maybe only,say,20 mtrs or so left,therefore saving possible eye damage etc.I would appreciate it if someone could let me know where to get it,in the Brisbane area.

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    Re: Colour coded line

    ive seen the stuff your talking about. i will have a hunt around and find out the exact name for it and where it can be purchased from.

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    Re: Colour coded line

    Jump on the tackleworld site they have it
    regards lures

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    Re: Colour coded line

    Thanks fellas,Yes Lures got on to Capt Blighs although they don't have it they did say that Paul Burt's, Gold Coast Tackle do have it.It is also more than twice the price of normal braid.

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    Re: Colour coded line


    My brother George(Team_Mongo) use the Diawa Colour-coded briad for deep jigging. The colour changes every 10 meters and there a mark every meter.

    Give Neil at Jones Tackle @ Lutwyche a call. They probably have some in stock. Jones specialise in this form of fishing. Drop in and have a look at some of the video footage of deep jigging. I'll blow you away.


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