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    Looking at purchasing a new small baitrunner had a look at a Okuma BF20 &30 for about $100. Has anyone used one? They come in three modules 5 &10 ball bearings and stainless drive module. Price is $100, $200 and $130 respectively Don't have a prefernce, just want to get value for money! Anyfeedback would be great!

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    Re: baitrunner

    I have the EB30 (10BB model). Can't fault it.
    I got it for $135 from a Sth Aust mail order place.

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    Re: baitrunner

    I have a Coronado 30 for just over 2 years now & never had a problem with it. I not to happy with the alloy handle as it gets slippery when wet, I might try to replace it with a rubber one if I can find one to suit.

    The bait feed really works well. I have caught quite a few big bream by letting them run first before strinking, usually they hook themselves.

    I am sure you won't be disappointed, especially as they come with a 5 year warranty. Good value for the money.


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    Re: baitrunner

    Thanks guys, they look like a good deal. But you never really know until you get them on the water. Looks like a early xma present for me tis year!

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    Re: baitrunner

    i have used a few different baitrunners and i still think its hard to go past the shimano's.. sure they cost a bit more but worth every cent. penn also make a very nice B/R.

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    Re: baitrunner

    Im with Jeffo.......If ya want quality and reliability you can,t go past a Shimano baitrunner!!!!!!!!!!
    Smooooooooth drag
    Cheers Brent

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    Re: baitrunner

    Thanks guys, already have two shimano's 3500 & a rare 3000 looking for somethnig a little lighter in weight to match with light estuary rod I know you can't go past shimano quality would be great if they produced 2500 again!! Great sized reel - 3500/3000 is just a little big for what I have in mind.

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    Re: baitrunner

    Rumour from a good Tackle Rep is the 1500 and 2500 will be back in the market SOON

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    Re: baitrunner

    Gee Alan hope that rumour is correct because i will definately be purchasing one.
    LargeLzard i see your point about the 3500 being a bit heavy for a light spin stick.......fingers crossed they do release the 2500 soon mate.
    Cheers Brent

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    Re: baitrunner

    1500 baitrunner now your talkin'
    fingers crossed

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    Re: baitrunner

    would be nicer to see them bring back in the tss3's and TLD5 and TLD10... but i supose the B/R is a start.

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    Re: baitrunner

    hi all.....i'm new to this so please excuse any stupid questions....but is a bait runner a type of reel?

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    Re: baitrunner

    uk_dabbler, yep same as threadline or eggbeater reel.

    Boy, for a 32 yr old who was born to fish, you must have had a sh!t load of work on!

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