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    down rigger finished

    i have finished my project with the down rigger
    it was simple and quick to make
    d/r can be placed in 7 different holders at the back allowing for 2 fishos to have one line a piece attached
    or on the side and have 2 rods working down deep.
    patern pending (NO. snappa 00001)

    no wire attached

    "whats the time"

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    Re: down rigger finished

    diagram of the basic materials
    "whats the time"

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    Re: down rigger finished


    the bomb was $13 at the local tackle shop
    is that cheap ???
    i think so
    "whats the time"

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    Re: down rigger finished

    Snappa. where did you get that bomb for 13 bucks?
    They look like they will do the job but they might need a lanyard on em to make sure they don't go over.
    Like I said the wire can cost but let us know how you get on I am still to get some.
    Cheers Kev.

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    Re: down rigger finished

    Yes Snappa, which tackle shop was that, $13 sounds very reasonable

    Cheers Craigie.

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    Re: down rigger finished

    Now all you need is someone to help you test them

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    Re: down rigger finished


    the bomb came from sundown
    but i think he made a mistake on price
    i wanted other stuff but i got out in a hurry before he double checked the price

    going back tomorrow to get other stuff
    he only has a 10 lb bomb left which is too heavy..
    i think. ??? ???
    "whats the time"

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    Re: down rigger finished

    To: Reel Hard - I got my stainless wire from Bridge & Co at Burleigh, 30 metres of 1.2mm 100kg+ 7by7 strand for $19.50...a bargain?

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    Re: down rigger finished

    Snappa, What did you use for the cable/line ?


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    Re: down rigger finished

    To Snappa; If you can get that 10lb bomb for 13 bucks I will give you 23 so you can buy yourself a beer.
    I picked up 100 mtrs of 1mm 135lb 7 wire superflex for 40 bucks so I will be happy with that if it does the trick.
    Looking at making the beer can bomb this week end, cause I have my reservations on spending nearly 50 bucks on a hunk of lead.
    I went to sims metal today and picked up 35kg of lead for 50 bucks and that will make a bucket of snappa leads.(punn intended.) as well as a couple of bombs.
    Cheers Kev.

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    Re: down rigger finished


    went back to sundown and tried to buy the 10lb bomb
    they did make a mistake on mine as the price was $27 #

    patent no 000(5) for my down rigger #
    altered the workings but not really happy with the end results.see photo
    any suggestions #
    problems so far.. <1> have to wind the reel backwards to keep the line of pull straight and keep pressure on, to keep in rod holder
    # # # # # # # # # # # # <2> very hard to wind not enought leverage
    # # # # # # # # # # # # <3> very limited to the amount of drag that can be applied to hold bomb up #>
    # #
    theres no plans for any mass production of the down rigger at this stage and any inquires refer to the narangba dump.
    i think its off to the tackle shop and just order a downrigger.
    "whats the time"

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    Re: down rigger finished

    hi again

    looking for a post of a home made downrigger using a boat winch by ?....???

    where has it gonnnnnnne
    cant find it

    cable used was superflex 250kg plastic coated
    30mts for 20 bucks
    "whats the time"

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    Re: down rigger finished

    hey snappa
    this is a pic of my first dr.its made from an old deck winch.all gal water pipe and an old pulley that was hiding in the shed.only thing to watch with winches is make sure they either have a drag that works to allow for you getting the bomb jammed on the reef,or if you dont have a drag system secure the winch handle with something that breaks before your dr cable does (like tie the handle off with a loop of 50lb mono}once the bomb is at desired depth.
    anyway this old girl got me started using em.its been retired for a few years now but still gets the odd boat ride cause i keep my crab pot ropes on it.
    cheers scott

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    Re: down rigger finished

    this is the one ive been using the last few years its a cannon sports troll.they are awsome never had a problem with it that wasnt caused by me
    they will set you back around$480 which is less than a decient rod n reel.

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    Re: down rigger finished

    gday scott

    it looks the part the cannon

    by looking at it.. is it hard to wind up or has it got gears
    as for mine very hard with the alvey 650 reel and i would have thought they looked the same diam.
    i am now thinking along the lines of using a boat winch but just picked up on there would be not drag for any foul ups???
    i think i need a lend of the cannon for a hour to sort out if it can be mounted somewhere of the back of the cat.
    i priced one at sundown today(not a cannon) for $379 thats wihout the bomb. >
    "whats the time"

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