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    Fishing Line Choices

    I am interested in your opinions on what fishing line you would purchase if you had a choice, Lets say for argument sake we cap the cost say at $50 a roll of line. (The truth is if my minister of Finance and warfare knew I spent $50 on “String” I would be a newt.) Brand and Type is what I’m really after.

    The catorgies I fish mainly are –
    * Fresh water, (baitcastors)
    * Estuary Fishing, (bait castors and eggbeaters)
    * Surf Fishing. (Alvey)
    * Bay Fishing Bottom and Trolling. (Eggbeaters and overhead)
    IE. Surf fishing, I use mono 5kg Platypus Platinum.

    Or would one brand and type suit all. ???

    I going to use this as a guide to re-spool a few of my reels in the coming weeks. [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]



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    Re:  Fishing Line Choices

    for spin rod i belive there is only two choises
    and vanish!
    but for cheap line i like the utracast line in any size

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    Re:  Fishing Line Choices

    everything i own has penn 10x on it of one size or another except for one spin rod that has penn power braid with a bit of vanish flurocarbon for a leader.
    i only troll ,bay and offshore.
    cheers scott

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    Re:  Fishing Line Choices

    for fresh water and bottom donging i would use braid.
    for estuary its hard to go past platypus platinum (nice and thin).
    for trolling i would use either platypus pre test or penn tournament pre test. (bright yellow can be a good help when trolling lures)

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    Re:  Fishing Line Choices

    I have platypus Platinum on all my reels of various weights. But i'm leaning towards bassermans comments of the vanish and firelines for fresh.

    Nofrills, My Brother is the same he doesn't do much fresh but has everything spooled with penn an he swears by it.

    I'm no really worried about the price just fit for purpose.


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    Re: #Fishing Line Choices

    G'Day Remo
    # # # # # # # # # #I only Freshwater Fish,started off years ago with Spiderwire and now use Fireline with Rod Harrisons Lure line as a leader, Cheers #Whitto

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    Re:  Fishing Line Choices

    Braid- Fireline
    Leader- Stren magnathin
    Platapus- Super 100
    Leader- Penn 10X

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    Re:  Fishing Line Choices

    * Fresh water, (baitcastors)
    - fireline for abrasion resistance, pennpower braid for distance

    * Estuary Fishing, (bait castors and eggbeaters)
    - fireline

    * Surf Fishing. (Alvey)
    - dunno never done it

    * Bay Fishing
    - fireline, penn 10x, penn powerbraid

    - dunno new to me

    Trolling. (Eggbeaters and overhead)
    - tuffline XP, penn 1gfa, momoi igfa

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    Re:  Fishing Line Choices


    If you are after good and cheap and non braid - get Hawk Tournament as it is actually ANDE line - Good line , Pre Tested - Low Stretch and cheap


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    Re:  Fishing Line Choices

    Used to use fireline, nothing wrong with it.

    Currently use Silaflex (true braid), price would be at the upper end of the $50 limit though, from memory, I think 300yrds cost me about $49.95.


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    Re:  Fishing Line Choices

    Hi Remo
    After using Braid for the last few years on everything from spining to deep water bottom bashing,I'm now using Platapus Super 100 and gradualy changing all my rigs over to it.Just a personal thing, I like the strech in mono less pulled hooks for a start.Its strong and thin in diameter

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    Re:  Fishing Line Choices

    willo just like you i prefure mono for bottom bashing and most out side stuff
    spin is difrent
    but i'm glad i'm not the only one that still like mono for the deep sea

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    Re: #Fishing Line Choices

    Just a Question Then, I would presume a mono leader would need to be used on braid, for trolled lines and baits plastics and live? #I 've never needed this info as I always have used Mono, this is the factor on why I have resisted the change to braid because I feel the fish see the braid line.


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    Re:  Fishing Line Choices

    what the vanish leader does is make the it harder for the fish to see (fireline is a solid coulor so doesn't go see through in water)
    some also says the leader acts as the shock asober but it is more important to hide the line
    as i said i like mono when fishing deep water with baits as with the spring in the line it help to hook the fish
    fire line i find is too direct as soon as you feel the bite you have missed it (but this is my personal opinon)

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    Re:  Fishing Line Choices

    Don't fish fresh so I can't comment on it.

    For salt the mono we use we get in bulk. 2kg or so of line for around $70 bucks.

    Last spool we got around 25 spool ups off it. ( TLD15, TLD20, PENN 245LD, Tiagra 20 etc )

    fantastic value for money & just as good IMO as the 600m $45.00 spool of line you get from the shop.

    Other than that we use various types of braids etc.
    Gold Coast

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