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    foldable kill tank

    I am looking for a little foldup-able kill tank for the front hatch of my kayak. It has to be soft to squish through the hatch and then boing back into some kind of usable shape to put ice into, perferably water proof as well.

    I notice Willo uses a snowboard bag for his catch. This would be perfect if I could find one of them at a second hand shop. The other thing I thought of would be one of the soft eskies but they dont seem to come in sizes long enough to put a spottie, or hopefully a blue in.

    Any ideas? If anybody sees one of the snowboard bags somewhere reasonably cheap can ya PM me?

    Cheers guys

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    Re: foldable kill tank

    what about look in at spotlight and try to see if you could get the fabric to get the misses or good old mum to make on to size???

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    Re: foldable kill tank

    Do you sit on top of the kayak or are you down inside it?
    I used to fish for tailor on a racing ski and we kept the fish on a piece of heavy insulated wire tied between the footstraps. Just undo one end and thread it up through the gill and out the mouth and then re-tie. Wire out the mouth stops them biting you and keeps them secure if you get barreled by a wave. Fish just sit on the deck between the legs and water sloshing over them keeps them cool and fresh for the few hours fishing.

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    Re: foldable kill tank

    Great idea, but i'd be a little concerned about the berley trail
    around these parts! When we fish from the rocks around here its nothing to see 3or 4 sharks coming to the surface where we are fishing! A couple of months ago a fella caught a spanish and gaffed it, then placed it into a small channel that washes back into the water. There were 2 sharks there within about 15 min, cruising up and down virtualy rubbing thier noses on the rocks trying to find the source of the smell! Too scary for me!

    Regards, Tony

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    Re: foldable kill tank

    your right there agnes, the noahs are never far away. It surprises a lot of pll how quick a shark can turn up with some dead fish in the water. No ideas on the kill tank , has to be a solution though! hope u find it.

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    Re: foldable kill tank

    Yeah it can be pretty hairy, there are sharks everywhere around us when we are fishing. Almost hit a 5 footer one day with the front of my ski as it was chasing a fish on the surface. Haven't pulled in half a fish myself, but my old man has plenty of times. I have had a fish on and then suddenly halfway in there was a bit of a tug and suddenly no fish and no lure, so guess that was a donation to the grey suited ones.
    I got barrelled one dark, overcast day and was upside down in the water 500m offshore with about 15 fish (some bleeding a bit and still struggling) - bloody shitting myself, I can tell you. Don't think I have ever been more scared in my life. Got heaps of tailor though.
    My dads mate takes the cake though. He was pulling a fish in one day and had it out to the side of the ski about 8 ft away when he saw a shark coming for it. So he skipped it across the surface and over the other side of the ski. Shark kept coming and only dived under the ski last second and knocked this guy off with its dorsal fin. Swell rose up inbetween him and dad and by the time it had gone down again, his mate was already sitting on his upside down ski, clutching his knees and eyes the size of dinner plates. Dad had to go get his paddles for him and then let him sit on the front of his ski whilst they righted his and he got back on. Suddenly wanted to go home for some reason. Think he was fairly busy for about a month after that, and never seemed to have the time to go fishing. The mate still gets a shudder up if we bring it up yarning when I get back and catch up with him.
    We don't break the necks when out there to cut down on the blood. My old man has been doing it for probably 45 years or more and still does it now at age 65. Doesn't bother when its too hairy nowadays though.
    You'll get plenty of fish and plenty of good memories if your keen enough though.

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    Re: foldable kill tank

    Yeah Mate
    definatly makes it more exciting!
    Could tell a heap of good shark storys
    Might start another thread on that one, should get some good replies on that subject

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    Re: foldable kill tank

    C'mon Tony! Let us hear a few of yer best shark yarns. Put em in the General Chat section. Scarier the better.

    Sorry I don't have any input for you Mooks. Let us know how you go though. Be interesting to know. Snowboard cover is a goodie though.

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    Re: foldable kill tank

    Carn Tony,

    I reckon you'll get many replies lmfao...
    Ummmm I can think of two already lol.

    Mooks have a look through crime converters, they sometimes have the old zip up or elasticated board bags.


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