rebuilding haines v17

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hey, i am in the procese of stripping my v17 bare, i was just after a few ideas from other people. ;D i am thinking of converting it to an open deck with a raised self draining deck. with around 60hp tiller 2 stroke. also raising the sides. also if you have any ideas for accessories i.e. esky under floor fuel tank and storage compartments.

just wondering about bulking up the original hull by adding about 2mm of layed fiberglass.

thanks guys im just looking for ideas so anything you have done or seen done let me know. cheers :)


  1. Tinlegs's Avatar
    Hi Jack, no-one else seems to want to contribute, so I'll throw my 2c in.

    I've been kicking a similar project over in my head for years and having sold my smaller boat I'm missing the easy "quick fix" fishing I used to get from the inshore and river fishing I used to do, and my platey offshore weapon, while an awesome boat isn't the best thing for fishing the creeks and dams and takes at least an hour to clean when I get back in.

    I'd like to build up a boat that will look a bit like this one http://goldrushpowerboats.com.au/web...ad_Series.html. Actually, I'd like to just buy one of these, but the cash needs to go elsewhere. I really like the Hewes Bayfisher style boat too.

    I think that the ideas they have for rod storage and shade are pretty good, and I'd also look at a small console to starboard in front of the captain's seat to house electronics, wallets, keys, camera, phones etc. out of the sun and spray.

    You might have already seen this, but check out this guy's effort on a V17 - looks good. http://www.boatmags.com.au/pdf/previ...BDIY6_prev.pdf

    Good luck, and post up your progress so we can see how it all goes.


  2. 17jack's Avatar
    sorry mark didn't realize anyone had posted a comment ha. yeah its been a slow 3 months just getting around to putting the stringers in i have a week off so its time to get into it. and i have been thinking of putting a pod on it and having it center console.

    that boat looks neat and the boat mag center is a good looking boat and more what i want.

    i will put some pics up tomorrow.
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