ZMAN vs GULP challenge - Results

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Went for a kayak early this morning at the usual spot, weather looked s*** but we had one of dicktraceys HTFU cans and went out.

Target species - Bream

I was introduced to the zman grubz by mossy, me and my mates seemed hesitant because of the tails on them thinking the bream would just smash the tails and not the hook.

I decided to back them and was determined to convert my mates to ''zmen'' by having a bet on whoever could catch the most bream on plastics becoming the victor.

First cast of the zman motor oil coloured grub saw me come tight on a nice size bream. 1 up for the zmans..... and the trash talking began.

Slowed down at about 8 with my mate throwing his anchor off the side without securing it and having to swim around trying to find it.

The final score was

Zman - 7
Gulp - 3

Statistics -
Zmans used - 1
Gulps - *still being counted. estimated 3-4 packets*

I think its safe to say they are now Zmen!

Great day fishing, not many others around which was good.
$50 richer, thats a 10 year supply of Zman's i think?

Colour used was motor oil, also have shimmer pearl and pumpkin seed, didnt get to use them, maybe in a years time?


PS - no photos today, swell was a bit big, left the phone in the car, sure glad i did, got a bit wet haha!
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  1. THE FLY's Avatar
    G'day Jack, I read about the Zmans somewhere else on here and how tough they were. I bought a couple of packets to try off Caloundra, and once I found the colour for the day, used the same plastic for 2 squire & 2 grassies. Still got it on the hook and will be the first cast next time for sure. They don't go hard in the garage either. You do get your moneys worth.
  2. jewie81's Avatar
    hay guys i am a huge z-man fan get about a month out on one plastic off shore i find the jig head is the thing i replace first but make sure to glue the z-man on for a month of fishing lol
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