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  1. Garmin GMI20 Guage Fuel accuracy

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    Guys, I have done a lot of research and have lots of practical exprience on the Suzuki NMEA 2000 networks.

    Firstly, the Suzuki interface cable automatically detects the engine year and hp it is connected to and has done for several years now.

    No configuring of the interface is required any more, Scottar.

    But yes, the intface can be calibrated using SUZUKI or Navico head units to improve fuel use accuracy, if necessary.

    One thing many people
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  2. Pine River June 19th

    Managed to get out today on the Pine with a mate and his boat.

    From Deepwater Bend (was freezing and quite windy) we headed upstream, then drifted back down river.

    Went for 3" plastic minnows and had a couple of breams, a flat head and this 92cm guy. New PB!

  3. Help buying used 4 stroke

    I'm in the hunt for a second 4 stroke out board for my 5.3m (17.5 foot) sundowner boat. Unfortunately I'm not able to outlay enough $$ for a band newy. I have found a 2004 4 stroke mercury saltwater series, tacho says 149 hrs at a reasonable price. It looks clean, dealer is reputable and I like that it is actually a yammi powerhead (mercy used them on these motors). I'm just a bit concerned that it's 10 yrs old and unsure how well previous owner looked after it. Dealer didn't do the servicing on ...
  4. Steve Collins had a plan for his retirement, to buy a boat and sail it to New Zealand

    by , 20-12-2014 at 05:01 PM (SKIPPERSMATE - mates looking after mates)
    Spend a few minutes as a Skipper and just think about your crew while watching his story - beacon activated, lifejackets on.

    Steve Collins had a plan for his retirement, to buy a boat and sail it to New Zealand. Not long after setting off things started to go wrong leading to a dramatic rescue off the Australian coast. Steve came to visit the men and women at AMSA who coordinated his rescue and told us his story.

    Part 1:
  5. What happens when your EPIRB or PLB distress beacon is activated? - ask AMSA.

    by , 20-12-2014 at 04:50 PM (SKIPPERSMATE - mates looking after mates)

    Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) are responsible for all maritime search and rescue in Australia.

    How long before a distress signal is received?

    A distress beacon (EPIRB or PLB) with an encoded (GPS) location is usually detected by the RCC and located within minutes. Distress beacons that do not have the capability to provide an encoded position also provide an initial alert to the RCC within minutes, but there will be no associated position. If ...
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