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  1. Kevlacat 6.2 Tournament- Towing vehicle

    I have owned a 1995 Kevlacat 6.2 tournament for a few years now and am at a point in my life where I want to change my vehicle but feel restricted by the size/weight of my boat.
    It has been towed it with a VDJ79R series Landcruiser in the past and for the last year I have been towing it with a VDJ76R. I have since moved into the city in the last year and my car does't fit in the garage and sits out in the weather for the weeks that I work away not to mention the fact that a jacked up v8 cruiser ...
  2. 1979 115999r Evinrude over heating Problem

    I have a problem with my 115HP motor over heating.

    I have done the following to try to rectify the problem.
    Replaced water pump. thermostats, removed heads to check the rubber plug water flow control positions & condition (all OK) and replaced the head gaskets. The original gaskets were OK and there was no evidence of leaks.
    Checked cylinder pressures all 120 psi when hot. Also checked timing (OK)

    Engine runs perfectly until the thermostats open at 143 ...
  3. New boat purchase

    Looking at purchasing a new boat .Stessco 490 Gulf Runner .
    Interested in getting some feedback on this model & feedback on Stessco in general , from current owners ...
  4. What prop size for this Yamaha.

    Quote Originally Posted by ericcs View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ericcs View Post
    from memory will probably be something like a 9 7/8d x 11 1/4"p for a 25/30hp
    what is the current prop's size?
    He is coming to day ill find out and let you know mate cheers gr hilly.
  5. hervey bay gps marks

    was looking for some gps marks for hervey bay any help would be appreciated
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