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  1. Bream Bonanza!

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    Launched at 5, headed along the pine chasing bream and flatties in my new Kayak.

    Was bloody amazing, the kayak I bought (Viking Tempo Fisherman) was very sturdy, not one criticism! (except how difficult it is to chuck a piss on a kayak)

    Worked a few different spots coming up with mixed results.
    Plenty of bream around, pulling in about 10 for the whole trip.
    At one stage I got a hat-trick with 3 bream in 3 casts at my ''secret spot''
    First cast
  2. My New Ride

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    Its finally here!
    Ordered this bad boy last week.
    Have been working like crazy to be able to afford one, been a while since i've been for a fish and cant wait to get out!

    Specs -
    Viking Tempo Fisherman Kayak (Granite Colour)
    Got it from the Chermside store for $1100
    This included Roof Racks, Paddle, Seat, Front + Rear Mesh and an Anchor Tie down
    Also Comes with a 10 year warranty!
    The guys there are great and were very generous to
  3. Shimano rod

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering if anyone is selling a shimano taipan extreme 510t 15-24 kg. Snapped mine on bloody sharks.

  4. Solar farm gate opener

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    Hi Team,
    I'm after some advice on Solar swing farm gate openers. Any advice, recommendations or warnings regarding these devises? There are a number of companies that supply them, but who to buy from without any info is a bit hard, I hope I can find some info from this group.
  5. Boat Transport

    Hey guys

    Just like to introduce myself.

    Getting someone to move your boat is a pain at times.
    Hopefully there is someone out there that can help...

    Shorline Marine Transport is up and running...

    So try us out in the new year

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