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  1. What happens when your EPIRB or PLB distress beacon is activated? - ask AMSA.

    by , 20-12-2014 at 04:50 PM (SKIPPERSMATE - mates looking after mates)

    Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) are responsible for all maritime search and rescue in Australia.

    How long before a distress signal is received?

    A distress beacon (EPIRB or PLB) with an encoded (GPS) location is usually detected by the RCC and located within minutes. Distress beacons that do not have the capability to provide an encoded position also provide an initial alert to the RCC within minutes, but there will be no associated position. If ...
  2. Can you replace your EPIRB's battery?

    by , 13-11-2014 at 10:04 PM (SKIPPERSMATE - mates looking after mates)

    Barry W asks >

    1. How does one go about replacing the battery if it has been used?
    2. Does it have to go to a service agent or canit be done by oneself.
    3. Also what about price to replace battery.(My old GME epirb could not be fitted with a new battery it had to be exchanged for a refurbished one.


    1. You will need to contact the retailer or better still, the actual manufacturer of the unit to find out what their respective process is. Many have authorised
  3. Great day ruined by scum

    Well this is a short rant about some low life scum that can't help but thieve. So yesterday I went out for a solo fish for the first time ever in a powered vessel. Still fish-less as far as the eating kind, but none the less great day and totally stoked. I learnt so much more about the bay fishing by myself, then i ever would have worrying about mates/missus snags or tying knots etc. Managed to launch and retrieve the boat by myself and quickly I might add.

    All this sadly came to an ...
  4. This May be a New Chapter

    I work a life where i spend more time planning and dreaming of being on the water compared to actually being on it. I'm sure this is extremely common complaint. and the extra doe we earn being busy does mean we can waste it on more/ bigger toys.

    For me, fishing is an adult passion. This doesn't mean that I fish naked or anything, I mean that I only learnt and got addicted to fishing, later in life as an adult. everything I know is because of google, fishing magazines and The Fishing ...
  5. Check Your EPIRB's Expiry Date and save a few dollars...

    by , 13-10-2014 at 05:58 PM (SKIPPERSMATE - mates looking after mates)
    Recently I was talking to a client who had an old GME M400 and found that his AMSA registration expiry label date was a year ahead of the EPIRB expiry date. How AMSA go that one wrong, he had no idea why that had happened, but for safety sake and operational reliability, he decided it replace it with a KTI Safety Alert EPIRB... why? because it had a battery expiry of October 2025 and he reasoned that by the time replacement was due, it would not be worth mucking around with battery replacement. ...
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