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  1. Fuel Line System

    Hello All,

    could anyone give me some advice on[U][B] which side of the water separator filter[/B][/U] is the primer bowl supposed to be, engine or tank?
  2. Sunny coast/DI summer reefies

    After just getting the boat serviced and new electronics fitted I'm keen too get back out too the stomping grounds wide of sunny coast/Noosa, my question is, how do you find the reef fishing on these wider grounds around the hards etc in summer. Cheers
  3. Wednesday overnighter off Seaforth Qld

    I finally got the motor sortedso it was time to give the fully rebuilt powerhouse it's first maiden voyage. Idecided not to go to far just in case we had any problems so I had some marksthat I hadn't tried @ about 80km out. The weather forecast for WednesdayThursday was good so an overnighter was on the cards. We launched @ Seaforthand set off in better than average conditions. With a flat sea it wasn't longbefore we got to the spot and sounding around come across a good show, so inthe lines went. ...
  4. Meet-n-Greet Perth WA - Teach Me How To Fish (That's A Challenge)

    [SIZE=4][COLOR=#222222][FONT=Arial]Gidday to one and all ...[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=4][COLOR=#222222][FONT=Arial]I am a new Member and I have to be honest and say I know absolutely nothing about fishing. I am a complete and utter fishing incompetent. My enthusiasm far exceeds my ability !! ;D[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=4][COLOR=#222222][FONT=Arial]I am an itinerant traveler exploring Australia for the next 3 or 5 years driving/towing a customised off-road Rig.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE] ...
  5. Swag camper trailers? Any good?

    Quote Originally Posted by j_man_84 View Post
    Hey boys now i need some opinions on swag camper trailers are they any good? They are based at acacia ridge in brisbane. How are the tents? experiences with them? Appreciate any feedback as long as its honest. thanks guys[/QUO
    Swag off road campers are so called because they are better off the road than on. In fact even parked in the shed you can see them falling apart. The finer points of these trailers are obviously self-posted. As you can see I am not happy wasting
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