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29-01-2002, 03:17 AM
Strong winds kept most boats tucked into sheltered water last weekend however there were some pan size estuary fish caught and mud crabs made an appearance.
Whiting and flathead dominated catches in the Albert and Logan rivers, with the sand bars the pick of the spots to target.
Aggeston Sands, identified as the last green beacons as you head up the Logan, was the best spot for a feed of whiting.
Those that had the most success fished the southern side of the mangrove islands in the shallow entrance channel between the prawn farm pipes up to the cane drain.
The run out tide was the most productive here, as well as in the main channel around the green beacons.
Some pan size flathead were caught on the edges of the channel in the same area with the last hour of the run out tide the time when they came on the bite.
I also saw a few school jew caught at the beginning of the week during the slower tides from the deep water around Marks Rocks.
They took a big prawn during the turn of the tide about 20 meters down river of the large green marker in the middle of the river.
Surprisingly chopper tailor continue to be caught around the Pin bar in what has proven to be one of the longest tailor seasons I can remember.
A ‘crack of dawn’ run in tide usually puts them into a feeding mood.
There were very few reports from Moreton Bay last weekend because of the strong winds however during the beginning of the week before the wind got up there were some very big diver whiting over 30cm long caught on the Amity Banks.
Drifting till you found the school then anchoring up was the best technique and worms were the best bait however squid strips produced fish as well.
Mud crabs have been in good numbers around the Pin and southern bay islands in the lead up to the full moon.
Best spots have been at the entrance to drains running off the mangrove islands in slightly deeper water that doesn’t expose pots at low tide.
Remember there will be some monster tides over the next few weeks so be careful around bar entrances on a run out tide and watch for floating debris in the rivers.

Dave Downie ><>

05-02-2002, 09:30 AM
Don't suppose you have any info on the Whitsunday Islands by any chance ?

05-02-2002, 01:20 PM
I wish!!!!

Never been there I'm afraid - a Lotto win fix that though...

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