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19-03-2002, 04:13 PM
5am Sat, Perfect Wx/5kts 2 onboard - high 10am, so headed for mermaid reef, trolled pillies/raiders 50g for abt
2 hrs for 1 schoolie(61cm on pilly) not much activity above or
below. (Like the s/e freeway at 5pm) Drifted the reef for 1
lizard (59cm). Back to seaway nrth wall ( worse then
s/e freeway + 100's of flies (jet skies) -around to curriggee
for arvo siesta. (should have went dwn to palm beach and
netted some livies amongst the sharks). Back to seaway
for evening high 10.30pm (choppers everywhere from
seaworld to crab around 30cm + few around 32cm, kept a
couple for bait, drifted sth way seaway (small pillies and few
lures(lost a couple to snags) 3hrs of drifting for 2 lizards
(50+63), anchored last green (small bream/moses perch and
choppers). mate came out in his tinnie anchored 2nd green
and landed 47cm red throat lipper (never seen in seaway
before) . whiting around carter banks and grand hotel banks
and sth wall wavebreak + choppers. Left sunday am with
the chopper still on the bite. people land/fishing the sth wall
were having a ball with choppers.
some pics to follow

19-03-2002, 05:07 PM
;D Sounds like you did ok, Webby. Our trip on Sunday was not quite as successful. Weather was spot on in the am, and we put in at Raby bay and headed over towards Peel. Near the Hole in Wall wreck I landed a grinner, what a catch! LOL. Then we made our way (after a few unsuccessful spots) up Rainbow channel and anchored near the Myora light. There were baitfish everywhere around the boat, and the baits were getting nibbled away to nothing. Russ pulled in a blue whiptail? small pretty fish, and eventually I landed a 25cm squire and released it. That was all. The wind had swung around to the north by then and the sun was scorching, so we decided to head back. Lovely day on the bay, but fish of substantial size were definitely scarce.

19-03-2002, 09:23 PM
Gday Webby.....you sure caught an asortment of fish....A guy i know dived the seaway last week......said he saw heaps of monster flatties down there......tryed to spear one with his knife but the old flattie was too quick for him.....he gave me a couple of lures that he had found in the seaway......looks like they had just been lost because they were in good condition.(raider and some other one)
Friday the 29th of march im going to try your coochie spot.
hopefully the bream might be around.
Cheers Brent ;D

20-03-2002, 05:58 PM
heres the pic

21-03-2002, 02:00 PM
NIce feed there Brian ;)