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12-11-2004, 09:04 PM
hi all i have just bought a mitsu express L300 4x4 van and was wondering if any one could give me the low down on them i.e off road capabilities as i intend to use it for a fishing bus but dont want o spend more time digging it out of the bog than fishing if they aint upto the task of hitting the beach.
all input would be greatly appreciated :)
cheers all king_fisher 8) [smiley=bandana.gif]

13-11-2004, 09:25 AM
My Brother in law used to have one and took it to Fraser a couple of times and never had a problem getting bogged. As long as you do the right thing.....

Let the tyres down.....

And you shouln't have a problem.

13-11-2004, 09:57 AM
the pro and cons of l300 4x4
Had one for 10 years
good fishing bus/sleeper
basicly the same running gear as a pajero
mine had 15" wheels and a 2.6 motor, dual fuel
year was 1986
Major gearbox problems
the nut would come undone that held 5th gear and the cluster would come apart. the temp fix was too tack the nut to the shaft with utectic 680. the shaft really needs to be replaced, this problem arouse about 160000 to 200000. I eventually replace the shaft at a cost of $600 for parts and had no further problems, bloody nasty box.
Apart from that went every where any other 4x4's went
ps under NO circumstances tow ANY thing in 5th gear

13-11-2004, 10:06 AM
I used to have a L300 4x4 jacked up 4 inches with 10.5 x 31 inch tyres.

This vehicle was better on sand especially soft sand than a cruiser. The cruisers front wheels would sink whereas the L300 would float. You won't have a problem.

We tagged around with other cruisers on trips. They all gave me shit but it went every where they went.

I was the 85 model with the standard 2 litre motor. The only problem I had was the timing belt let go. I would pay to get it changed.


13-11-2004, 11:41 AM
cheers all for the fantastic input i think by the sounds of it, it will be $600 well spent and many a pleasurable fishing trip with the family. my bus is the 84 model it has minimal rust and is reasonably tidy too, i have never been to keen on vans but i think that is all about to change.
muchly appreciated

26-02-2005, 09:57 AM
For info on Mitsubishi L300 and L400 4WD vans there is an Australian based club/web site:


Delica is the name for these in Japan, and many are now imported second hand, mostly with 2.5 or 2.8 diesel.