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24-10-2005, 11:27 AM
Well wont be a great report and we all forgot a camera so no photoes. Left Bribie at 5am with a mate Mat and Rankinray, the plan was to follow Webby out with another Ausfish member ( sorry abit of sun so i forgott your name). Well the power of the Haines was far superior to my whaler so we certainly dragged the chain.
Once we reached Hutchies we started to troll some skirts, it was not looking like a great day with a strange low cloud comming off the mainland ( looking like a storm front) once it hit us it was only fog that hung around for sometime :-? It obviously confused many out there as calls were made not to fish as one radio announcment said it looked like hutchies was being swallowed by cyclone!!

well back to the fishing, we trolled for around 1hour during this time my Pakula out wide was hit 3 times with only one decent run but no hookup :(, i noticed the teaser bounce and asked Ray if all was ok! It was passed as just being a little bumpy until i noticed the line twisted , i looked at the teaser out the back and noticed it was no longer :o blody hell !! The day was looking bad .

We decided to stopp trolling and get some livies but also failed in this department , just no interest!! It was around 11am we got back into trolling and lost contact with Webby ( we did look Webby).
By now Hutchies was looking like abit of a boat show after a Wahoo was reported hooked , i got a flash of a Sail or a small marlin free styling then all went quiet again.
The call was made to head home whilst trolling , then!! the reals start screaming :D!! Double hook up only to be rat kingies legal so i kept them . The call was to have another go so we started the circut again leaving the skirts out the back and a rapala in close with a nameless gold bibed lure Mat had with him. Next minute Ray's reel starts screaming this thing was way out the back ontop of the water :o my call was a wahoo , but things just did not look right :-/ i called Tuna but still the fight was weird, as Ray slogged it out it soon was becomming apparent that both calls were wrong !! It was a sad site we hooked a green turtle :( the gaf went back to its spot , the gloves and pliers came out , fortunatly for the poor turtle it was a close call with the hook only holding the side and no pliers or removal was needed :), i held the turtle until it gave a good kick, it appeared ok and not harmed, but i am sure it was very traumatised by the whole thing!!! Anyone had this happen on troll?

We shook our heads had a joke on Rays behalf ;D and moved on, we got 5 Kingies at the end and a few more runs but no Wahoo :'(

Thanks for the day guys , better luck next time... That will be me until Xmas i would say as i move the boat to Hervey Bay for the pelagic season.

Cheers Sandman

24-10-2005, 12:01 PM
Where you blokes in the dark hull Whaler out there ?

Certainly plenty of kingies out there keen for a minnow. Witchdoctor got one hoo in the icebox as well as another two hits. They also hooked up to a rather large hammerhead which took them most of the arvo to land.



24-10-2005, 12:38 PM
Yep Greg that was us ! We called either a large shark or a larger turtle ;D How big was the hammerhead they were still fighting it when we left.
Thats a nice rig he has i often have dreams about a boat like that ;D
Cheers Michael

24-10-2005, 07:01 PM
G'day sandman,
I was the bloke in the red Haines..it sounds like you had even more luck than we did....we gave up and tried to catch a Cobia ect at Western rocks...We ended up with 1 kingy and that was about it....Oh well thats fishin!

24-10-2005, 08:00 PM
G/ day all, nice report Mike except the bit about the turtle i thought that was our little secret ;) lol any way it seemed ok for the experience and i know my gear will take a fair bit of work after that struggle. I think that was the warm up for the o/s wahoo im goin to nail next trip ::) all in all had a great day and will be deckie on the rib cracker any time mate, i did see the sportfish out there Greg and thought it might be you (how did you guys go ?) Bring on the speedsters !

CHEERS RAY ;D PS hey Brian we didnt get any crabs either !

24-10-2005, 08:18 PM
Whats with the crabs mate, i have a few in my dacks if they'll help ;D
Nah we didnt do much better, trolled everything but the kitchen sink, it was bedlam out their with rigs crisscrossing each other path.
Bloody fish got confused as to which lure to hit their were so many in the water;D
Cobia attach in a weeks time.
Our catch of the day went to Dave when jigging, pulled up 5 baby flathead on the bait jig (Unbelivable) never saw anything like it before.
Michael Playtpus Bay sounds good for a early speedster floggin ;)

25-10-2005, 08:07 AM
Ok Dave got your name now ;D nice rig , gotta be happy with that 8-)

Ray what turtle !!! ;) yep playtpus Bay sounds the go talked to my mate early this morning he's all fired up ready for the action as last year... Not taking any of the local cops out this year bloody more booze than fishing with them on board.

25-10-2005, 01:33 PM
Did someone mention "Spotties" up the inside of Fraser ?? 8-)


25-10-2005, 06:24 PM
Did someone mention "Spotties" up the inside of Fraser ?? 8-)

I don't know Craigie, did they? Do you know something I don't know?? :-? ;D

25-10-2005, 07:51 PM
[quote author=Sandman link=1130117246/0#6 date=1130191646]Ok Dave got your name now #;D nice rig , gotta be happy with that #8-)

Thanks Sandman, I was thinking the same thing about your rig untill I saw you take a flogging on the way out. I bet it's is great if you don't have to punch straight into the swell...plus I would much prefer your fuel bill...those honda's are a beautifull thing. Let me know if you ever need crew and we will pick the boat depending on the conditions. It is always tough to find crew to feed the hungry black anchor. Look forward to seeing you out there again.

26-10-2005, 08:38 AM
No drama's Dave, yeh it wasnt to bad on the way out , Ray and Mat just had to hold the storage door in the console closed ( i forgot to fix it) Thanks again Ray and Mat for your persistance but honestlty i had a hand free ;D
The Run home was magic !

Cragie i think they are comming in but have not heard any reports of great magnitude.

26-10-2005, 05:04 PM
we were out hutchies on the week end to great day for weather wise trolled around for 2-3 hours with a range of skirts out the back and no hook ups , we were out in the bright green super v , i can tell u platypus bay is already firing with pelagics talking to the fellas at kingfisher ill be up there in 2 weeks cleaning up hopefully ps look out for ciguatera