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27-11-2005, 08:26 AM
With everyone catching wahoo I decided to duck out to the sevens and have a look for some. Got out there about 10am as I knew there would be a few boats trolling and that tends to scatter them. Conditions were glass and when we arrived there were about 4 other boats trolling. First drift I managed to get one about 10kgs. Kept drifting and shot some reef fish and after a couple of hours we were the only boat there and the wahoo came back. I got another one about the same and my cousin Brett and bro Dan got one each as well. At about 12 something boats started coming back and trolling and they vanished. Was a bit dissappointed in a charter boat which trolled about 30m from our boat with our flag up. When I pointed to the flag he said 'just cause you have that doesn't mean you have the right to plonk in anywhere and then said I've been trolling here all day' Which was rubbish cause we had not seen this boat up till then. We were trying to stay in a small area and were drifting so there was plenty of room. One boat was anchored up and we stayed well clear of him. I lost it and called him a list of expletives - he should know the law as regaerding dive flags. I should have let it go but he should know better. It was a cruisecraft with outlaw charters on the side of it. Aside from that it was a good day.
Cheers Doug

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goldspot and jack

27-11-2005, 08:30 AM
last photo cousin Brett with an amberjack shot at 27m

27-11-2005, 08:38 AM
Some nice fish there - shame about the agro. Always a bummer going fishing on a weekend with great weather and plenty of fish around - there's just too much competition



27-11-2005, 08:58 AM
Heya Doug

"It was a cruisecraft with outlaw charters on the side of it."
Take a few pics and report them. There seems to be getting way too many rec, pro and com cowboys on the water of late.

Don't know why your cousin worried about popping the AJ with all the better tasting fish you guys got but great catch as always.

27-11-2005, 09:02 AM

Always good to read and view your reports ;)

Unfortunately a lot of comercial operators think they should be entitiled to do what they like. Grab the camera if ya can next time and give him some exposure ::)

That Amberjack in 27m is a good effort, what length of time under the water do you guys get :-?



27-11-2005, 09:13 AM
G /day Doug nice pics mate we were out there early and found the same thing that when the boats came thru they went quite so we went wide for all but an early session and we dropped back in about 1.30 and picked up more then but "whos " complaining. Did you see any Yellowfin ? we boated a 10 kilo horse.

CHEERS RAY PS Will drop over and say g/day next time we spot you.

27-11-2005, 09:56 AM
rakinray- think i saw that yellowfin, no , had one about 20kg in our berley(we went through 5 blocks) but they move like lightning and i shot his wash. Definately say gday more than happy to have a chat. Those birds were eating fry in the water. The fish feeding on the fry were bonito and yellowtail.
span-king - thats what i tell the missus i need! seriously, we were diving 22-25m for about 1:30, Bretts ambo dive was 1:45.
straddie- I love ambo's and wahoo the rest of my family eat the reef fish. It was also early on and we only had one hoo and thought that might be it. There were heaps of kingys there but we only get them if desperate.
It was a shame about the charter boat as 99% of the time boats recognise the flag and don't run us over. There is so much room out there there is no need to get that close. We appreciate most guys consideration as when in the water we just drift with the current and its hard to try to move out of the path of a trolling boat. He was very close as we could talk to each other without shouting.

27-11-2005, 02:45 PM
Love those blue tuskies ;)

27-11-2005, 05:02 PM
Hey Doug,
Mate that guy sounds like a clown! Some people feel like they own a reef. Just a clown!
Well done for standing up to him. It's worthwhile letting this community know about guys who show no consideration as the influence of this group is pretty big. Courtesy goes a long way, especially of the big blue sea.
Thanks for the reports. I love em.

27-11-2005, 05:03 PM
ok might be a dumb question but were are the 7's
Doug always a good post :)

27-11-2005, 05:13 PM
Doug you shootin those hoo whith your rabbitechs? See they got a good comp running at the moment?

Sambo in 27metres is bloody awesome looks like I will have to keep at the pool training for a while before I get that deep.

Are you guys shooting those wahoo in the burley trail or are you using flahers?

Took my new gun out today foir some target practice as the closures are on up here (it was about 2 knots today always on the closures) anyway got heaps of power looking forward to shooting fish like that.

Cheers Dan

27-11-2005, 05:26 PM
come on chris ..???

27-11-2005, 05:50 PM
re that charter boat, I know john gooding runs outlaw charters but his vessel is a 6.8m haines from memory, he's supposed to be a top bloke. he did sell his old boat for a new one. It may be the new owner of the old boat. But cant be certain. what are the laws re dive boats and distance. Would have thought 30m was enough distance. then again dont fish offshore.. nice hoo
i know young tappies is itchin to get out there an spear some. sure this post will make him more envious


27-11-2005, 06:58 PM
spiro- North of flat rock
Dev-With 1.4 apex and hoo came in on both flashers and burley
andrew- 30m is the required distance by law but its the principle. I would not pull up and jump in right next to a charter boat anchored up fishing but I could. It irks me cause there is enough room for everyone and when a boat comes in really close and you have mates in the water its nervewracking. At the time there was only about 4 or 5 boats trolling at the sevens so there was plenty of room and if he really wanted to troll that exact spot he could have waited until we drifted off it. Our whole drift only lasts 15min max.

27-11-2005, 07:57 PM
I believe you are right young fisho- John 's boat 6.8 haines- black and white I think- 140 suzi 4 stroke -twins. Do not know what type his last boat was. I went on one of his charters in July- he struck me as a top bloke- down to earth. On the day we went out we stayed clear of boat clusters- he much prefer his own space. John does report/colum for QFM and you ll see a photo there of him in the last issue.

It would be an unfortunate for people to think some ill/negative of someone or the business in a case of mistaken identity.

Sorry Doug to hear of that unfortunate incident-

Great post and photos

best regards,