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20-09-2001, 02:54 PM
Question Mark about what the D.P.I. and Qld Fisheries are
doing to fullfill their Obligations on the 'Sale of Illegal Size
I called into a Fishmarket on Sunday at Sunnybank to purchase some prawns, whilst waiting for service, I checkout
their Fresh Fish that were 'For Sale'.
1..Bream-- numerous quanties, But all around the 15cm
2..Flathead--approx 12, of which 6-7 were no bigger then 25cm
3..Squire-- again numberous quanties, but a lot around 25cm.
Now Wether these were the results of Netting/Trap By-Catch,
It makes you wonder, what really is happening to our Fish
Stocks from the effects of netting or traps.
The Rec/Fisherman is Jumped on Heavely if found with anything Illegal.
The Majority of the Public would not have a Clue
as to the Legal Sizes for anything you are allowed to Purchase
from these Markets, and this is only one of Many Stores.
We All Know it goes on out their, You only have to go down
to the Sth Wall of the Seaway, and see what our Asian-
Australians are Keeping.
Do the Dept's that control our Fishing Industry, have any
Officers that Randomly Check these Stores. I Know our
Waterways and Coastlines are a Big place to Control.
But when you see the Blantant Sales right in your face. its
make you wonder.
I belong to a Club who have set sizes at 2cm above the
Legal Requirements, and bag limits reduced by half, and this is not hard to maintain or end up with a decent feed.
We are all Concerned about the Terrorists in the Air, when we
should be more concerned about the Terrorists who are
Destroying our Fish Stocks.