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22-09-2001, 05:43 AM
Jim_L you may recall this :o ??? and for those interested in “things” about/between co-ordinates (waypoints etc) the following software may interest (don't expect the world but). Does things like converting lat/longs to UTM grid co-ordinates, bearing/distance between 2 waypoints, format conversions and rounding etc plus a few other things.

Download the following self-extracting archive and unzip the 3 files by running it (nothing is installed to the computor system). There are 2 documentation files (Word 6.0/95 & HTML format) and the application file (GTCONV.exe). The Word 6.0/95 file is the primary documentation/help file with the HTML conversion for those who don’t have Word. Read the documentation and the rest should be fairly self explanatory ;D (well it is to me ).


Now there’s nothing flashy, colour full or window like about this software but it is simply it works and it should run on most window-based systems . It will not run on some (generally very old) machines without a co-processor .

Any bugs/errors etc then please outline the problem in large capitals on the back of a postage stamp and ….. No, really any errors in the software then mail the details/info etc and I’ll fix it .

Cheers, Kerry.