View Full Version : Line for Alvey

14-10-2001, 09:55 PM
Hey fellas, I went ahead and ordered an Alvey light surf reel/Snyder rod, and would like to know if an Alvey reel requires any special type of line. Or will a standard monofilament do the job? I can't wait to get it and try it out on these Lake Michigan Chinooks.
Thanks, Scottie, Chicago, Illinois.

15-10-2001, 07:06 AM
good for you mate.You wont be dissappointed.Just monofilament line is fine.
Cheers Luke

15-10-2001, 09:57 PM
Thanks Luke, I better go out and get a reel #:D big spool of my favorite mono. It's amazing how much line an Alvey holds.