View Full Version : Netted Whiting on Bribie

17-10-2001, 12:46 PM
Although I have dis-continued in the fishing Club scene for personal reasons, it seams that the clubs are not doing anywhere near the damage to the fishing stocks as the pros are. The week end of the 6th and 7th of this month, pro's netted 3 tonnes of whiting from the surf beachesm at Bribie. The club tells me that their fish go about 7 to the kilo from that area. That equates to nearly 21,000 whting taken in a day. Talk about putting pressure on the stocks. The next weekend, the SQAFCA members had a comp there. The best catch was around 60 whiting with numbers as low as 10. That was between 130 fisherman. I can't guess the expense these fishoes went to ( fuel, bait, gear, food , accomdation, etc etc ), but I'm dam sure it beats the hell outta what the pro's spent that weekend. There has to be a solution, and it has to be soon. This area is where we take our kids for their first chance at catching a fish, cause for years, you could always depend on Bribie to give us a feed. ??? :-/