View Full Version : Darwin,Buffalo Creek Barra?

07-11-2001, 09:04 PM
Has anyone every landed a Barra in Buffalo Creek?
I have caught plenty of juveniles in the cast net whilst i am gathering mullet but have "never" hooked one.
Has anyone ever had any luck?

08-11-2001, 10:09 AM
Mate spent all day out at the rock for nothing.

comming back tot he ramp at buffalo decided to have a cast upstream near a few of the rock bars (might have been the one near the croc trap (thats a hint my man)).

any way 12kg barra just over a meter.

I caught one on live bait (might have been the rock bar near the croc trap) 6kg week before.

Heard a few of the other likley suspects got a few from the sand bars up in the shallows on some lure that starts with B and ends with R it might be gold in colour funny that.

Yep plenty of barra in buffalo creek, just have to work it abit and it is very tide specific. although the last 1m plus I heard of was taken on neap tides (go figure slack movment).

I'm no expert and I catch fish in there.

The tide is about 3 hrs behid the norm cause of the sand bar riddled mouth of the creek, when it comes in it rushes.

fish the last two hours of the low and then on low tide go upstream find rocks and cast. This place is a nilsmaster location if ever there was one (might be a hint again).

Please dont go and rape the joint my man.


P.S there are a few feeders up the to near the mouth that might well fish okay on big runn out tides (might be another hint myman)

R.U a local? or a just having a look see?

P.S eltonjohn colours, gold,and green are the go for my liking any way.

08-11-2001, 12:13 PM
wow thanks for the reply.
i live over in brinkin and sometimes during the week i get bored.

nah i wont go over and rape the place, anything i get will go straight back in.

Thanks again.

08-11-2001, 01:26 PM
do ya get work days off? like monday to friday?

I struggle for a deckie some times durring the week as most of me mates are weekend warriors. I do shift work and like to fish durring the week while the majority work.

Send me an email mate if you may be able to help me out, bit busy at the moment but always time for a fish.


08-11-2001, 02:05 PM
Buffallo Creek,yah bring back memories now......I remember catching barra up there on trolled nilsies as a young tackers..everyman and his dog had a tackle box full of nilsies.
That croc trap must live up there , cause it was there when I last went up there and thats about 15 years ago...lol ;D

Cheers Poony

08-11-2001, 11:50 PM
Hey Muzzy,
im a student at ntu doing computer science.
so sometimes i get a chance to head out over to buffalo when i dont have classes.

Is that croc trap all the way into the creek? cause either i have never been in that deep or i am blind.

09-11-2001, 06:42 AM
Student doing IT hey, why would ya want to work an a computer my man (I do I.T mainframe operations), but thats enough about the serious stuff.

Yeah the croc trap is upstream abit, there is a rock bar that you can walk to from the boat ramp, it is to the right through all those mangroves in to the country they are trapping the crocs in. Only small crocs there any way biggest I have seen wouldnt have pushed 2 and a bit meters still big enough to give ya quite a hickie.

Just say you had the chance of a low tide at night with a full moon, and you had live bait then to sit in front of the boat ramp with that live bait over the low tide wouldnt be all that bad an idea. Big fish gettaken there each year this way, I hate sand flies so never sit it out.

Heaps and heaps of mud crabs in them there waters to as you will find the face of your live bait might get pulled off by the odd crab when it gets to close to the bottom.

Night fishing is the best there with early mornings next in line as per normal. in the run off it might pay to fish little sand fly creek (is between lee piont and casurina beaches). Fish the first of the incomming as the tide is climbing the beach, jacks salmon and barra (small) can be taken here as with whiting and flat heads (bait fish but hey they are fish)


P.S poony the croc trap is one of the full timers here in darwin, each arm of the harbor has one to.

09-11-2001, 09:26 AM
You love them, you hate them and sometimes you really feel like breaking them.Classic device though. :)

Ahh those damn sand flies and now mossies! you can literally feel yourself being eaten away.

alright cool i should head upstream sometime, if theirs alittle croc theirs a bigger croc somewhere, and that scares the crap out of me, espically if im not in a boat.

The extreme low tides go ff the ramp.You can literally walk accross from the ramp to that big sand bar. would fish come to the ramp?
does the moon have that much of an affect? does the moon affect it during the day or just the tides?

Any recommened rigs for live bait?