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21-11-2001, 09:27 PM
How the hell do i use one of these?
Do i troll with it?
Do i cast it? what?

22-11-2001, 05:46 PM
You can cast, jig and troll a marabou Jig (depedning on it's head shape and weight), although most off the shelf marabou's have hooks wiyth about the strength of a safety pin so a word of warning.

Don't chase fish over 2-4 lb on them unless you can source them with Mustad jig hooks. The Marabou jig design is as old as time itself and will catch fish in blue and tropical waters.

Have a read of this article on how to get the best out of jigs.


It also has some different jig techniques as well.

22-11-2001, 10:59 PM
Thanks man :)

24-11-2001, 05:13 AM

depends on what you are chasing

if there is a feeding school of surface crazies like trevs and skinny's then just chuck and wind flat out. Some times to alow it to drop a little under the school will get ya through the rats and to bigger fish that hang lower in the school.

Blind casting at rock out crops and reefs. I usually start on the top with a couple of retrieves across the surface then let it sink and work the other debths. Always using a jigging more than jerking retrieve.

I dont use these type of lures that much for barra more for the cruisers like trevs and queenies. Also I use bucktail jigs abit more than marabou.

If ya like roman we could bump in to each other one day and I can show ya what I know also how to make one your self instead of buying them the store bought ones arent glued up enough. As fo hooks yeah ya have to watch out a little but most jig heads I have are yet to go strait and they have been re tied many times.

The suckers for jigs are tarpons, queenfish, trevs (all sorts), saratoga, fingermarks like em when on the chew and have taken a fair amount of barra.

Any way mate if ya want we could rip some lip togther some time drop me a mail.